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Have your ever had sex in front of your family members?

asked Mar 26 in Questions by pavan350 (1,645 points)
edited Mar 27 by longhands1

I know this Question sounds funny, but I have heard that this happening in our Society nowdays.

I personally had once in my life, but now I feel that I should not have done it and I feel ashamed about it.

Would any of you like to share your own experience and how it happened? Did you feel guilty about it later on? 

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5 Answers

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We have done it many times.. of course not in bright daylight or with intention to show someone, we did just for fun. In almost all cases, we did inside blanket and not by getting completely nude. Mostly the intercourse was by laying side by side or just fingering and boobs sucking.

So far, we have done in presence of my parents several times. In presence of her parents couple of time & couple of times in presence of her mama (moms brother) & Mami and finally several times in presence of our friends during outing.

The most embarrassing was in presence of her mama & Mami. As usual, we started and jumped to intercourse without foreplay. I cum in 15-20 seconds and wife got frustrated. She said in muffled sound “Ho bhi Gaya!” and slapping lightly, but with anger on my face and at the same time I herd giggles of her Mami. It was clear that she understood what we did and also must have came to know that I cum immediately. I was not able to look at her next morning, but soon everything went fine.

I or in fact we both never felt guilty of doing this. Rather we have enjoyed it more all the time. Initially, we used to be very careful, but with time we became more bold and wife was very free exposing her boobs for me.  This was all during first few years of our marriage... Now we have not done in last many years. I miss it a lot and I am sure my wife must be missing it too.
answered Mar 28 by k.shastri (1,160 points)
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Yes, I was caught by my mom having oral sex with our maid. It was very embarrassing to be honest. But we eventually explained her about our relationship. Although we have never had sex in front of my mom, my mom once peeked into the keyhole while we were having sex in my room.
answered Mar 28 by Anonymous101 (490 points)
commented Mar 29 by k.shastri (1,160 points)
You were having sex regularly with your maid in presence of mom?
How old were you and maid?
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Yes I have done it many times. I used to have sex sex with my aunt in presence of family members only. Many times when my other family members used to sleep in the same room I have fucked my aunt.Due to age difference and relation nobody had any doubt and I licked and fucked her.
answered Mar 30 by rockybaba21 (390 points)
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We have done twice. Both the times when we were in my in-laws. Actually me ,my wife n my 7yrs old kid were sleeping in 1 bed with my wife in middle for a afternoon nap. It was on winter days, n little rain was also there. Once our kid slept my wife casually turned towards me n I kissed her n then opened couple of buttons of her kutta n took out her tits 1 by 1 n sucked it. She got very turned on as sucking her tits makes her excited. As her back was towards our room's door so my MIL didn't suspect even though she was moving outside the door. Later my wife turned her back towards me n I started to rub my erect dick on her ass. I casually pulled down her payjama along with her panty n started rubbing my dick on her ass after taking my dick out. My wife casually lifter her 1 leg n as I was constantly rubbing my dick on her ass, without any plan my dick suddenly slipped inside her pussy. Oh God it was so slippery. Both of us were very much surprised as it was totally unplanned. My wife turned her face towards me in surprise n so did I out of this sudden penetration. But then we decided to continue fucking as we both were under 1 blanket. we did it 4 abt 1mins. Mind u guys though it was very 1min but it was 1of my best sex experience.....

The 2nd time was also same situation but as it was done intentionally, it was not much fun as we planned it.
 In both the occasion my MIL was moving outside our room with some work, that too with our door fully open!!!!!
answered Mar 31 by letschat0921 (925 points)
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This question is not funny.Sometimes this happens accidentally.Once we our copulation act was seen by my youngest sister and daughter.They told wife about her moaning sound and sound of vibrating cot.She told every married couple produces such sounds when they sleep together.
answered Apr 23 by Motilal (9,740 points)

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