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Is my girlfriend a cheater?

asked Mar 18 in Questions by Deeeddiijhg44 (155 points)
edited Mar 19 by longhands1

Me and my GF are in a relationship for 2 years. We completed our school and we both went to different colleges. I went for IIT prep.

After 6 months, I have noticed that she has changed. She had many guy friends. She talks to them on phone and hangsout with them. I had fights with her about her guy friends.

First she got angry and then felt sorry. She told me they are only friends and continued to hangout with them. Now, after 9 months we have met again, but I have noticed physical changes in her. Her boobs and ass have become huge. We have not had sex. It looks like she fucked.

A few days earlier, she posted a pic with a boy. The Guy was kissing her cheek. When I asked her about him, she said he is her bestie.

So, Is my girlfriend cheating me and what should I do now?

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commented Mar 18 by Deeeddiijhg44 (155 points)
Plz answer .. I need the ur views quickly

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10 Answers

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No one can tell by seeing her whether she was fucked by guys or not as that is not possible and her physical changes have nothing to do with whether she had sex or not. It is your assumption without any base by seeing her ass and boobs that she might have had sex with other guys. The bigger issue is that she posted a pic where a guy kisses her and she has no regret for that.

It shows that she does not care about you and she is much more interested in that guy than you like she was her girlfriend and not yours. She should have paid attention to your concerns and needed to take steps to make you feel comfortable that she will not do anything that hurts you.

I would say she is not the girl you should see your future with as she is doing things that you do not like and no matter what you do, she will continue to do it. It is time where you need to break up with her and let her do what she wants to do after that as that is not your business. Things will be hard for you initially but you will be happy in the long run so take a tough decision as she crossed the boundaries in the relationship which is not tolerable.
answered Mar 19 by alpesh kapdi (28,935 points)
selected Mar 19 by Deeeddiijhg44
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I know its not easy. But stop thinking about her. Throw her away from your heart.
 There is no use in fighting with your gf.
Get a new girl and enjoy your life with your new girl.
Its the best solution.
answered Mar 18 by vrslvrslvrs (455 points)
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Sex is not the only reason behind increasing of boobs & ass, it also depends on the growth of the body as well. If you don't trust her, dump her, let her enjoy her life the way she likes.
answered Mar 18 by Happy Saint (900 points)
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The reason u told that the size of boobs and ass is increased juz not enough tto tell she is a cheater this may be because of maturity
answered Mar 18 by hithvr (365 points)
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If developments in the physique wasn't enough, bestie kissing on cheeks is proof enough that she's taking you for a ride.

Long distance relationship never works, and if according to some it works...then be assured that either of them is cheating.

What should you do ? Break up and have a new girlfriend, or be single and enjoy lots of casual sex like a free bird till you find someone special. This relationship is dead, if you want to drag it on then it will hurt you more.

answered Mar 18 by gr8gaur (3,215 points)
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Dear Dee....g44, first of all you complete your profile!
Coming to your problem
Thing is you have not mentioned your ages in the question! Neither it has been mentioned in profile!
But from the context of the question it could be guessed that both of you are in your late teens!
And you are paranoid about loosing your girlfriend!
You want to possess her you want to control her!
You want to choose the persons with whom she could hang out with!  You feel cheated when she posts a pic with guy !
 If you want to keep her as a friend then first thing you should be doing is start to trust her!
And about physical changes at this age there are tremendous physical changes in female body irrespective she having sex!
But same time talk to her openly !
Share your concerns with her!
Tell her politely that her such interaction with guys gives you fear of loosing her!
If she loves you she would try to make you happy too!
You guys need to understand each other!
Guys mostly become very possessive and jealous when they happen to be in a relationship at a tender age!
Just try to build the trust factor and everything will be alright
Best of luck!
answered Mar 19 by prashant69 (7,445 points)
commented Mar 19 by Deeeddiijhg44 (155 points)
We have sex chats. She sometimes fantacizes about big cocks. She tells me she has noticed many cocks over pant. She wants to take them.

She many time talks of her bestie's physique.
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You must be a genius to identify if a girl is fucked or not. I am sure you must have cleared your IIT entrance and got a stream of your choice.

I assume you guys are 18-19 years old. During this age, there is possibility of breasts getting larger, ass getting bouncier, etc. If she is doing engineering, she must be enjoying all the attention she is getting from other boys of her class. It is casual for girls to have guy friends during college days. More importantly, if you are going to meet her after 6/9 months, she is bound to start looking out for 'alternatives'.

If you are living in a different city, then you too should start moving on and have girl friends. Post a pic with one of your girl friend, if she gets angry at you, she thinks of you as her boyfriend. If she does not give a shit and continues posting pics with her best friend, she considers you as her...ex-boyfriend.
answered Mar 19 by maya75n (880 points)
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Such relationship does not last longer.Two opposite sexes meet together to get momentary pleasure.After that boy or girl separates due to several reasons.Don't get disheartened and go ahead.This is not end of your life.
answered Mar 19 by Motilal (9,680 points)
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Your Profile does not say how old you are and your question does not say how old your Girlfriend is. Age is important because maturity comes with age.

Have you both spoken about your long term plans? While you may be serious about her, you need to find out what she thinks. It seems from what you have narrated that she is not serious about the relationship.

Rarely would a girl who is in a relationship, post a picture about a Guy kissing her. She is trying to tell you something....that she wants her freedom and should be free to have friends. This is actually not a bad thing, as it gives you both more choices to make.

Your doubts about her breasts increasing in size, shows your immaturity and jealousy. Sex and breast manipulation is not the only reason for increase in their size. Diet, age etc also play an important part.

Jealousy and doubts about her character will destroy your relationship. Have a heart to heart talk with her and then decide about your future course of action.
answered Mar 19 by longhands1 (93,415 points)
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Relations in girl friend grow if you see her often. Otherwise it fades away. Tow years you studied together. Now both of you are in different paths. Image of her fades away over time. Whether she cheats or not is immaterial.

What about your IIT admission?  Your doubt says something your mind is playing with you.....
answered Mar 21 by solliadi (5,115 points)