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Does Penis represent a Male's manliness?

asked 4 days ago in Questions by Motilal (9,060 points)
edited 2 days ago by longhands1

Erect penis seems to be our precious possession. It is a symbol of manliness. Its size, shape and colour varies from person to person.

Some penises are circumscized and others are not. The discharge of semen in both cases is same during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Why then Penis is a symbol of a Man and decides a Man's manliness? Hope to receive good response from AA members.

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2 Answers

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As per your question, there are many aspects which represents the manliness of a man,
Coming to your point, Yes penis plays a important role in satisfy a woman, because every man's hope is to satisfy a lady, So in that aspect we would consider that penis represents manliness of a man.
The penis is the only part of our body which doesn't contain any bone and is structured only with muscles, So in that case we may consider penis represents manliness of a man.
Like this many aspects support your point.

Good Day
answered 4 days ago by abhi14343 (1,895 points)
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Mostly, people say that size does not matter. It may be true in some cases where women do not need sex often or are happy with alternative like oral sex or fingering. I know couple of ladies or heard from some of my friends about their wives that they do not even remember when they had their last orgasm. For such ladies, I am sure the size will not matter.

I feel majority of ladies who know what orgasm is and it requires bigger, stronger penis and good stamina will never admit that size does not matter. There could be some ladies, who had sex with more than one man and they will agree that bigger is better.

So to answer your question, in primitive ages, the human concentration could be on reproduction and growing stronger human races. Any female will choose a stronger male to breed who can protect them in future. Obviously, the stronger men do better sex and have better penis, so I feel it is related that way and will never change.
answered 3 days ago by k.shastri (1,075 points)

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