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Are you a moaner, screamer, squeaker, grunter, heavy breather or silent types during sex?

asked Mar 15 in Questions by Anup31 (450 points)
edited Mar 18 by longhands1

Dear members, ladies and gentlemen let's speak about sex noises.

So what kind of noises you make during sex. Do you moan loudly or quietly? Scream or squeak with pleasure? Breathe heavily? Or you just enjoy sex withou too much noise, like a grunt here and there?

Virgins can share their experiences too by taking into account the noises that you make during masturbation (of course only applicable if you masturbate). I hope to receive a good number of responses.

Please share if you feel comfortable.

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3 Answers

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Hi Anup,

The question is an interesting one but i think it will hardly fetch more opinions especially from female users because the nature of the answer would be too private to detail. I saw this question a few days ago and even though i was interested to provide an opinion, I was in two minds on whether to answer because we women get easily judged on such answers. Nevertheless i have mustered up the courage with a no care attitude to answer this one.

Am kind of a mix between a moaner and breather during sex. The noise is something which comes naturally to me, that is to be honest something i cant control even if i try to and involuntarily comes out of me during sex. The intensity of my noise depends on how pleasurable the sex is and also on the type of sex. If the sex is gentle, then the moans will be something like a mild "mmmm" and if the sex is fast, deep and hard then i can get a bit loud with sounds like "aaaaah, oooohh, ohhhh" accompanied by heavy breathing. When i reach orgasm, the sound is more like a cry of pleasure and its kinda difficult to explain. If ever i want to control my sex noises due to the presence of  other people at home then i usually bite the nearby pillow or try to cover my mouth with my hand so that the noises don't escape me.
answered Mar 20 by Vedika (700 points)
selected Apr 3 by Anup31
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Making sound or heavy breathing during sex is natural and this enhances sexual pleasure.It is also called music of sex.I breath heavily and scream during inward thrusting of penis inside love canal.My partners also moan,some of them complain pain but never allows to remove penis and give tight embrace on attaining orgasm.
answered Mar 16 by Motilal (9,595 points)
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That is an interesting question! I am sure that you will get variety of answers on this.

My wife moans quietly while she is getting orgasm (mostly during oral and fingering). Also she becomes a bit aggressive and scratches or pulls my hair and squeeze her nipples when she gets orgasm.

Telling about other woman I know, may not sound appreciate, but I can not stop myself. My mommy was a screamer. When she used to come close to orgasm, she used to breath heavily and during orgasm she used to scream and jerk her body vigorously holding the penis inside her vagina.
answered Mar 17 by k.shastri (1,155 points)

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