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Do women wash their vagina after urination?

asked Mar 14 in Questions by Austin George (1,800 points)
edited Mar 18 by longhands1

After urination, most men don't wash their penis with water. Some wash their hands but not their penis. Do women wash their vagina with water after urination or don't bother to wash like most men?

Both men and women can answer. Men can share what their wives or girlfriends do after urinating.

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3 Answers

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Hi Austin,

Look it's completely a personal preference and there is noone who can give a sure shot answer as "Yes" or "No". This is because this is a generalized question.

Short and simple answer is some wash and some don't. Personally speaking, as a woman who gives prime importance to hygiene, I do wash with water every time I pee. It may happen sometimes that the water isn't available especially if I use public toilet then I ensure I wipe with dry tissue and for this purpose I keep some tissues handy with me because it can also happen that the toilets have already run out of tissues.

Speaking about it from an anatomy point of view, we women can't aim and pee like men. If we pee like men whilst standing then it will be all over the place including the legs. So it's best to squat or sit and pee so that we can pee in same direction.

Also our pee hole and vaginal hole is different and is surrounded by the labia minora flaps making the chances of urine spreading everywhere on the vulva far more greater. So from a hygiene point of view it's always best for us to wash the external vulva with plain water or wipe it every time we urinate.

Hope this is clear.

answered Mar 16 by Vedika (700 points)
selected Mar 20 by Austin George
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I think it is good from health point of view.Both of us wash our genitals during bath and before going to bed at night.We usually do oral sex after washing our penis,urethra and vagina.
answered Mar 15 by Motilal (9,595 points)
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Most of the women do wash their vagina after urination as it is something they are really care for it. My wife uses a lot of water after urination and she never goes to urinate in open area even if we go out as she needs water.
answered Mar 16 by alpesh kapdi (28,825 points)

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