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How can I make my Mom happy?

asked Mar 13 in Questions by Pagol Hridoy (200 points)
edited Mar 18 by longhands1

Hello All,

I am 34 years, young man living with my wife in a city different from my parents, due to service. My mom is 53 years lady and my father is 68 years staying in the village. My father who is a heart patient for last 3 years and unable to have sex. I found that their relationship is going worse day by day and they started quarrelling even on simple matters.

Last month, I had gone to my village to visit one of my nearest kin on some occasion. I stayed at my parent's place and shared the bed with my Mom due to space congestion. Mom was massaging my back passionately as I soon fell asleep.

I woke up after 1/2 hours and found that I was hugging my mom tightly. She was asleep. I founf my Mom only in petticoat and my hand was on her boobs. She soon got up and we started gossiping about many things including my childhood fatasy of playing with her nipples, belly etc.

(In my childhood, I had fatansy of masturbation thinking of my nearest kin including my mom. When we slept at night on the same bed, I used to touch her uncovered parts. One night she caught me red handed and warned me not to do it again).

On the second night of my visit, we both were relaxed. She made room for my leg to be placed between her legs.  We rubbed one another while gossiping till midnight. Her petticoat had gone up but she didn't pull it down. We could feel deep breath of each other but never kissed that night.

After midnight we both started whispering, and for an unknown reason we started hugging each other tightly. Probably my leg touched her pussy several times, she continued gossiping and never let herself away from me. I got an erection but dont know if she felt it or not.

On the third night, I got an erection soon after the lights went off. She could feel it clearly but said nothing and went to sleep. At midnight, I found her petticoat pulled up and she was totally nude. When I tried to keep my leg between her legs, she woke up and made parted her legs but didnt pull down her petticoat. I could feel her pubic hair with my leg. I rubbed her boobs gently but she was totally calm.

I know she is not having sex with anyone in the village. Do you think she eagerly wants someone to have sex with her? Do you think she wants someone safe for herself like me who will not leak anything outside?

Or, does wants only secondary sexual fantasy from me to make herself partially happy?

Should I play role of outsider during the fantasy to make her happy? What problems will there be? If I can satisfy a number of girls with extra marital affairs, why not my starved mom? What sin is there?

Please answer realistically rather than ethically/ morally.

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6 Answers

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Best answer
At age of 53, really doubt, how much libido is left in her. But assuming that she is high on libido and whatever you told, that happed in between you, there is no other thought to it. She is definitely giving you clear signal that she is interested in you. Feel lucky and go ahead.
answered Mar 14 by k.shastri (1,170 points)
selected Mar 27 by Pagol Hridoy
commented Mar 29 by k.shastri (1,170 points)
Thanks for considering my answer.
Keep us posted about your progress.
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Since you have already had several extramarital affairs with many girls, you can go ahead and have sex with your mom. She is obviously sex starved. Forget about mom-son sacred relationship since your mom also wants it.
answered Mar 14 by Austin George (1,805 points)
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Why not talk to her directly and know from her what she wants ?

If you two can talk about your fantasy, nipples etc. then I'm sure you can muster up the courage to talk about the time you two spend together in the wedding and what you want from your mother.
answered Mar 15 by gr8gaur (3,400 points)
commented Apr 10 by Pagol Hridoy (200 points)
Still I am in hugging her, rubbing her back, placing my leg in her parted legs, at deep night I can feel her pubic hair with my leg, I can indirectly feel her boobs at night when I do hug with her. sometimes able to feel her of my erection.
Some time I feel I should ride, but confusion graves me what would be her reactions. Can you say what would be the positive steps towards her?
commented Apr 11 by gr8gaur (3,400 points)
It's been a month since you went to your parent's place, so I guess now you're back... Right ?

Anyways, next time you go to your parents and snuggle in the bed with your mother, repeat the things you've already done and then try to caress her softly.

Caress her face, her arms, her stomach and her lips. Softly kiss on her cheeks, forehead, nose and slowly proceed to her lips. Do this very slowly, so that you can gauge her reactions that whether she's liking it or not. Her facial expression will telly you everything.

If she likes it then continue, else stop and ask her why ?
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Friend you have diverted attention from Mami to Mother.Who will be your next target? You can obviously make your mother happy.It should be mentally and financially but not sexually. There are other persons to give her sexual satisfaction,if she needs it..It is not duty of a son.You are married,enjoy your wife and divert your evil attention from mother. How will you feel if your son gets sexually involved with his mother?
answered Mar 15 by Motilal (9,950 points)
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No need to ask anything. Things will escalate automatically. Just go with the tide of the moment.
If u want to spice up the things, please include Ur father and make threesome or cougar act.
answered Mar 16 by arjun.masti1 (210 points)
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keep the roles aside.
just satisfy her
answered Aug 4 by g_hrny (220 points)

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