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Is my married Friend interested in having Sex with me?

asked Mar 12 in Questions by riitam (120 points)

I am friendly with a married woman. who is 39 years of age. I have kissed her many times, but did not have intercourse with her.

I am having sexual relationship with another woman. I share all fetails about my sexual act with the first married friend. She feels excited and asks me more detail about my sexual act, whenever she calls me. I even share sexual recording with her of my sexual acts.

I am keen to know from you all, if you think this married woman is interested in having sex with me by observing her conduct? How do I get to know from her what is on her mind?

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6 Answers

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Hi Ritam,

Congratulations!! you have one partner and sharing her privacy with other female partner, very happy and wanted to encounter with the second woman.

She also allows you to kiss her and is looking interested in your personal sex encounter also. I do not know how you are sharing with her your personal moments.

Is she faithful or not? Another thing everybody wants to listen to others sex stories but no one wants to share their secrets with others. How can she will be faith on you means you will not share her stories with other.

Faith is the key for girls, if she feel faith then hundred percent she will allow you to fuck you. You have kissed her many times but its really matter what kind of kiss? Did you press her boobs or bum? Explain in detail so we can assume the truth after that we can give you optimum solution.

Best of Luck go ahead she is waiting for you....
answered Mar 14 by kingmyaqueen (2,645 points)
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There are strong indications that she is interested in having sex with you. She is just waiting for you to ask her. She is a married woman but you both have kissed. Moreover she likes to talk about intimate things with you. Even though she knows that you have a sexual relationship with another woman, she still kissed you. So go ahead and ask her.
answered Mar 14 by Austin George (1,805 points)
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You have told us that your married friend is 39 years old. You have not told us, how old you are. (Please complete your Profile).

There is a sexual undertones to your friendship with this married woman. The fact that she wants to hear the sexual details points to that. How friendly are you with your girlfriend? Are there any long term marriage plans? Since you share clips of your sex, with this married friend, it would not be fair to your girlfriend as you are impinging on her privacy.

Does your married friend tell you details about her sex with her husband? If she has ever mentioned that she is not happy, then definitely she is looking to have the treasure in your pants.

Since you kiss her, you should be in a position to know whether she is leading you down the garden path. It is always fun to attempt to pluck the forbidden fruit, but consider the implications on the relationship with your girlfriend. She is bound to sense something soon.
answered Mar 14 by longhands1 (93,850 points)
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Just ask her if she’s interested in trying out anytjing like this. I mean if you were bold enough to share the videos with her, I m sure you can ask her that too.
answered Mar 14 by Asanka (885 points)
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One thing is clear that she is interested in sexual activities of yours means you are in the position to show your interest in her and see her reactions. There are full chances that you can get her under you so take the risk and hope for the best. You need to start putting hints to let her know that you are excited to have sex with her.
answered Mar 15 by alpesh kapdi (29,075 points)
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Your married friend should be very careful from you.You have already made video of your love making with another women.She should not respond to your viles.Decrease the height of your fantasy.
answered Mar 15 by Motilal (9,950 points)

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