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Article: Reasons Why Women Hire Male Escorts

asked Mar 10 in Articles by longhands1 (93,310 points)

Reasons Why Women Hire Male Escorts

What sounded like a taboo a few decades ago is gradually trending in these times. In many cities, male escorts are being hired.

But wait! Don't jump into any conclusions about why such things are happening. If the world is perfect and everyone gets what they want, there would be no escort agencies.

So, what could be the reason behind their existence and why are they being hired? As a part of a survey, a few male escorts were interviewed. What they revealed may surprise you!

Read on to know some strange reasons why male escorts are being hired.


Reason #1

Everyone thinks that only penetration happens after an escort is hired.

But no! 80% of the clients are looking for intimacy which is actually missing in other areas of their lives. They expect to feel connected to someone even if it is for a short span of time.

Fact #2

Another male escort said that some clients hire them to just dance or share a drink on a stressful evening.

Fact #3

One male escort admitted that he was hired for a different reason. A woman was being forced by her family to marry someone. So, she casually introduced the male escort as a boyfriend at home. It seemed to have helped her as her family members stopped forcing her to marry!


Fact #4

This reason may sound really strange. One male escort admitted that he was once hired by a woman only to clean her house, throw the trash out and cook for her!


Fact #5

Some clients hire a male escort soon after a break up to share the sad story and weep for some time. Some hire those services to just go to a pub so that the ex boyfriend will feel jealous!


Fact #6

A very small percentage of the clients hire a man to really see what kind of pleasure can be offered. Every woman expects a man to put his ego aside, understand her needs well and be non-judgmental about her preferences.

But finding such men in life has become a challenge. May be that is one of the reasons why male escorts are being hired!

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3 Answers

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Male escorts are trending in Indian cities as well. A few months back I came across a girl on a dating site and she was asking me if I am willing to be a male escort for a female client and that she was willing to pay Rs 20,000 for 4 hours.

I was shocked and blocked the person.
answered Mar 10 by Austin George (1,800 points)
edited Mar 10 by longhands1
commented Mar 10 by longhands1 (93,310 points)
Never fall for such gimmicks. They spell trouble and Blackmail.
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Hey Guys,

Another view which most of the Male members won't like it.

1) Ego- Yes ego, most of the women also hire a gigglo to satisfy their ego of dominating a men or to prove, if male can hire we too could hire

2) Just like men need entertainment for boys party same goes women too

3) Having extramarital affair for lack of sexual life could be risk, so to satisfy the carnal need without any string attached, than hiring gigglo would be best option

4) Variety is the spice of life...So when we women get bored of same lund getting in and out of us, we need something different to spice up

5) Oral sex:  Very few men have art to perform oral n again very few  like to do it on their female partner. Whereas the feeling of your men going down on her is any women's dream and ultimate pleasure. So hir a person to that till the time you wish.

Luckily all the ladies in my group avail this service is purely to fullfill their fantasy, or for sexual pleasure or for entertainment to see men dance to their tune.. Especially during kitty parties or during ladies night out

With Love
Sexy Gudiya
answered Mar 10 by boldnsexy (1,540 points)
commented Mar 11 by longhands1 (93,310 points)

Very well written. 3 cheers.
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Definitely trend of male gigolo is increasing rapidly not only in metro  cities but in small towns as well.
answered Mar 12 by DCSB (2,210 points)