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Is having lesbian relations with my Sister, cheating my husband?

asked Mar 9 in Questions by anusha143talvar (1,825 points)
edited Mar 10 by longhands1

Hi AA and every user of AA,

Few days back I went my mother’s home and my sister also came there. We discussed many things. My sister is active in sex but her husband does only vaginal sex and does not do oral and anal sex.

He doesn’t lick her vagina nor allows her to give him a blow job. Initially she also did not have much knowledge about oral and anal sex. 

After my marriage, I discussed about oral and anal sex with her and she wes curious. She wanted to try them but she does not have the courage to ask her husband. We discuss about my sex life. I told her everything that me and my husband are doing in our bed room and she was shocked and surprised when I said “ we poop together and clean each other’s shit after that”.

She felt very disgusted , but I don’t mind because I am lucky to have such a person as a husband who doesn’t feel disgusting to clean wife’s anus.

My sister said, my husband does not lick my vagina and I want to experience that feeling when my clit is getting licked”. She was shy and finally asked me “Will you do it for me”? I was shocked. I said NO but she was begging me. Finally, I said okay. 

We closed all the doors  and cleaned our genitals. She lay on the bed and I lifted her  lehanga  and pulled down her panty. She also has a beautiful vagina like me. She began shivering when I touched her vagina. I start to lick her vagina. She pulled my head tightly towards her vagina. I licked her pussy and clit for around half an hour but she wanted me to continue so I started to lick her vagina again.

First time, I had tasted a vagina. It tasted salty due to her vaginal fluids. And during licking, I saw her anus hole... it is very attractive and dark brown color and I start rubbing it then she started enjoying it and moaning slowly.

I also got in the mood and asked her to lick my vagina and finger my anus. She started licking and fingered my anus. We both enjoyed that day. My sister was so happy that day. 

Now, when I am thinking about it I feel very guilty and my heart says you cheated your husband.

Does having lesbian relations amount to cheating my husband? I am puzzled. Please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.


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9 Answers

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Firstly hello dear Anusha !

Coming to your question , your sister seems firstly unsatisfied because she got so many desires to get her pussy licked by her husband that's actually normal , and as she doesn't get her pussy licked she was unsatisfied so it's normal that she got to satisfy her sexual need so she might ask you to lick her pussy , and as you said that you describe your intimate your relationship with your husband to her and she felt it disgusting , it is seems that she isn't knew anything about sex , as her husband doesn't satisfying her every fantasy ,

So , as you are okay with licking her pussy it's normal for both of you , actually it's a kind of satisfying eachother and you are helping her in satisfying her need , so I don't think it's cheating your husband already you done the act so now no need to feel regret , it's not at all cheating

Try to counsel her and tell her some tips to make her sex feel good and give her some tips and make her sex life good with your suggestions , so my suggestion is it is not cheating as you both were enjoying but keep it as secret don't let this thing know to both of your husbands because they might feel low self esteem that might deform your relationship with your husband as well . Hope this helps

Thanking you !!!
answered Mar 10 by Good boy999 (310 points)
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Wow Anusha. You have beautifully written in exquisite details about your lesbian experience with your sister. It gave me an erection while reading. I have not heard of sisters having sex with each other so far. Only heard of brother-sister sex which is comparatively more common.

In my opinion you have cheated on your husband by having a lesbian experience with your sister without your hubby's knowledge. But chill, many men won't mind their wives having sex with another woman. Many men would have probably fantasised their wives having lesbian sex as most guys enjoy watching lesbian porn. They get insecure and devastated when their wives have sex with another man but not so much when it's a woman.

Your husband seems to be open to try out taboo and kinky sexual activities which is evident from his desire to clean your anus after you poop. Does he know that you are bisexual? If yes, ask him whether he is OK if you have a lesbian experience with another woman. If he says yes again, then you can slowly tell him about your desire for your sister. If he doesn't know that you are bisexual, then you can let him know and ask him if he is OK with lesbianism. If he is not OK with your lesbian side, don't tell him about your activities as it will only hurt him.

You say that you are feeling guilty that you cheated on him. What if you find out that your hubby has oral and anal sex with his brother? Will you feel hurt or shrug it off? The same will apply for him.

If things work out, you can try to have threesome. I am sure many men will like to enjoy with two women in bed. Your husband might like to fuck his sister in law.
answered Mar 10 by Austin George (1,800 points)
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Its your body & your desire to do what you like. Don't be so emotional. It's not cheating in any way.
answered Mar 10 by Happy Saint (870 points)
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There's no point of cheating in Ur relationship.
Rather, I would suggest u to introduce her to Ur hubby . So that her pussy may taste the sensation of men's tongue (different than women's) and she may taste dick and testicles of a male
Try this, u will enjoy
answered Mar 10 by arjun.masti1 (205 points)
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I don’t think you cheated your husband. Your sister just wanted to know what it feels like and you gave it to her.
answered Mar 10 by PhoenixBoy (295 points)
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It is technically cheating. However, if you got feelings for her then either you give into moral obligations towards your marriage or give into your feelings. It is your sister and I m sure she will respect your privacy and so will you. Just dont get caught and be safe. It s normal for people to engage in these things.
answered Mar 10 by Asanka (810 points)
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Hi, Anusha,
You need not feel guilty about the lesbian relationship you are having with your sister. Instead you have helped your sister who has been deprived off the most beautiful sexual act of cunnilingus. It is very unfortunate that your brother in law is not interested in giving oral pleasure to your sister. It is absolutely a bad luck. In my view your sister has to be a little more opened up with her husband. She has to discuss and express her
sexual interests so that they can be fulfilled.
Many times what happens is a woman feels shy to
express her sexual interests and man thinks that if she does not tell, how can we know their interests and How do we know what exactly a woman wants in sexual acts. This communication gap keeps on going between couple. In my view, the more one gets rid off the shyness in bedroom, the more the doors of happiness will be opening for sure.Specially giving oral pleasure to a woman i,e cunnilingus is such a beautiful sexual act by which a woman will be experiencing the orgasm,the peak of sexual happiness.Somewhere I read that only at two instances one can feel the state of weight less ness. 1) When he/she is in space at zero gravity
2) when he/she experiences the orgasm.
It is very unfortunate that your sister has not been able to get it till now and you helped her to experience it. It is a good thing you have done and there should not be any guilty when a good thing happens to anyone.What have you given is a temporary solution for her. But she needs a permanent solution for sure.  At least now after experiencing it, your sister should be opened up a little bit and discuss/share her sexual interests with your brother in law. Never forget the fact that a Man and woman definitely have
attraction towards opposite sex and marriage ensures and gives a legal right them to be intimate with each other and satisfy the physical needs of each other. When it does not happen, definitely the bond between them weakens. I Really pray that it should not be happening with any couple and your sister also must be happy with her life partner as much as you are.
answered Mar 11 by sunny.ac640 (465 points)
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No need to feel guilty just enjoy your bisexuality.
If you want to take it further then go for 3sum.
answered Mar 12 by DCSB (2,210 points)
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Anusha, No need to feel guilty at all. Just enjoy what you are doing and let your sister also enjoy. Both of you have a beautiful time without any guilty feeling.
answered Apr 7 by waves.hyd (200 points)

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