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Can I have an extra marital affair with my cousin?

asked Mar 9 in Questions by Shamasahil (155 points)


I am Shama, aged 31 years married with 3 kids. I am happy in my married life with my husband and our love life is very beautiful.

Recently, I met my cousin in a marriage function. He was also happy to see me after a long time. I noticed that he treated me like his Girlfirend. He asked me many questions about my life and we exchange our numbers.

A few days back, he texted me and we had lots of chat. I did not tell my hubby about this. I have feelings for my cousin.

Should I continue chatting with him and have an extramarital affair with him?


You have asked simmilar question in 2016. Is this the same Cousin?


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9 Answers

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Best answer
It's a fake question. Please check the user previous question.
Not sure what thrill such get by posting fake questions.
answered Mar 9 by Tangent (605 points)
selected Mar 13 by Shamasahil
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Yes you can.
If you like him then surely you can enjoy sex.

answered Mar 9 by vrslvrslvrs (455 points)
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Why ? Your hubby doesn't love or satisfy you ? What if he catches you cheating on him ? Are you ready to face the embarrassment then ? What if your husband cheats on you and marries another woman ?

Don't spoil your life just because someone finds you attractive and you think you have got options now. Extramarital affair often ends up ugly.
answered Mar 9 by gr8gaur (3,375 points)
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You are happily married to your husband and you love him. So be faithful to him. You can chat with your cousin but don't have a sexual relationship with him. That's my advise.

Had it been ancient India, you could have married both men and led a polygamous marriage. Hehe.
answered Mar 9 by Austin George (1,805 points)
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I always have the feeling do what you like & try to fulfill your dreams. It's my definition of life. Risk is there but there is no enjoyment where adventure is not there.
answered Mar 9 by Happy Saint (900 points)
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Hello shama
 You are happy with your family lovely husband with beautiful kids.just continue , but you are having feeling towards your cousin if you are abke to maintain secrely u can maintain but dont addict to him,, all the best enjoy.
answered Mar 9 by dr kalyan (470 points)
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Extra marital affair will definitely one day ruin your marred life so if you are ready to take that risk then you can go ahead otherwise refrain yourself. If something is missing in your married life then you should try to address it with your husband but extra marital affair is not the answer as sooner or later you will be caught no matter how much you may be smart to keep this secret so I would say focus on your married life and invest your time and energy into this.
answered Mar 10 by alpesh kapdi (29,075 points)
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There is no harm in chatting with cousin.Your married life is happier and husband love you.It will be improper to betray him.Continue non sexual chatting and never respond to his seduction.Everything depends upon you.Why you need extramarital sex?
answered Mar 10 by Motilal (9,945 points)
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It entirely depends on you,  if you are not sexually satisfied by your husband then go for it otherwise avoid it to have happy married life.
answered Mar 12 by DCSB (2,380 points)