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My husband is treating my mouth as a Vagina? Will it affect my throat?

asked Mar 8 in Questions by anusha143talvar (1,825 points)
edited Mar 8 by longhands1

Hi every one,

I like sucking my husband's penis and I often swallow his semen. We both enjoy the act but from last few days he started to fuck my mouth as he does with my vagina and anus.

My cheeks become painful as his penis forcibly strikes my throat. He completely pushes his penis in my throat. I feel like some hot rod is pushed in my throat. Then he ejaculates his load directly into my throat. He feels very joyful during the act.

While fucking my mouth, he forcefully pulls my head towards his penis. Sometimes he make me lie down and places my head at the edge of the bed. He then stands on the floor and shoves his erection into my mouth. Sometimes he uses 69 position. I sometimes am unable to take breath. I am doing it for his happines.

My Questions are:

Will it create any problems to my throat?

Should I continue or stop?

Can I allow him to do occasionally ?

Thanks in advance.

Your Anusha

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9 Answers

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Best answer
This act will definitely create some problems for your throats as throat is not desire to take penis this way. Moreover, you are uncomfortable means your body is not accepting this and still you are allowing him means one day he will end up giving you some damage in the throat. You are more than a sexual toy which you need to make clear to him and he has to respect your body the way it deserves to be respected.

Oral sex is one thing but what he is abusing your body and you should not allow him to treat you this way no matter how much pleasure he gets from it. There is a way to have fun so talk to him and set some rules and boundaries in the relationship.
answered Mar 8 by alpesh kapdi (28,960 points)
selected Mar 9 by anusha143talvar
commented Mar 8 by anusha143talvar (1,825 points)
thank you so much sir for your answer and for spent some valuable time for me.
i definitely made a restriction on this act ,
can      i allow him occupationally sir,
if he give me very slow strokes, shell i allow him to continue?
thank you
commented Mar 8 by Good boy999 (310 points)
You can allow him Anusha , not at all a problem but if it pains you or it pains him then don't , it's usually okay , go for it unless you or your husband feel uncomfortable !!!

All the very best
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Hi Anusha

You have lot of fantasy I am associated long time to this site and well know about your self which is already confirm by Longhand, still you have using same profile which I do not no why you are getting extra benefit. Just leave this matter come to your doubt I know its impossible and you just putting your fantasy as question. Here I am giving your answer
Will it create any problems to my throat?

You will never get any infection in your throat only one reason if he has any medical condition. He is very regular means he has no health issue.

Should I continue or stop?

Personal choice no comments if you are comfortable then OK otherwise immediate stop without any delay.

Can I allow him to do occasionally ?

It you personal opinion what you prefer no body can insist you to do this things.

Best of luck better to used original.
answered Mar 8 by kingmyaqueen (2,645 points)
commented Mar 8 by anusha143talvar (1,825 points)
First of all thank you for your answer.

Every sex act is initially a fantasy then it becomes a reality.
My question is not my fantasy, it really happened. If it is a fantasy, I myself will mention in my question.

Remember having AskAnjali account is not a profitable even to the site owners. Active participation is necessary.
From last 18 months I am inactive here because I am busy with my child.

According to you everything I asked is my fantasy so I don't have right to ask questions here. Well thank you so much.
Sure you will get relief from my questions.
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I and wife do all types of oral sex, I usually fuck her throut and cum her throut. It is normal.
answered Mar 8 by Anil72 (130 points)
commented Mar 8 by anusha143talvar (1,825 points)
Thank you for your answer
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Hello Anusha , no it's not a problem to you , if you feel it as hurting your mouth tell him , other wise you can enjoy it as many women finds it's pleasurable , you can sure continue it , all the best !!! it not creates any problem to your throat but if he was very aggressive it will hurt can continue until it hurts you can allow him to do it occasionally

Feel free to ask anything thanking you
answered Mar 8 by Good boy999 (310 points)
commented Mar 8 by anusha143talvar (1,825 points)
Thank you for your answer
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Sex is not a check box activity. It is game of pleasure where all the involved should have fun n enjoy the act. If that's not the case, than its an act if rape, be it male or female.

You should voice it out to him, n if he loves you, he will not force you or hurt you.

In terms of side effects, I don't thinks it won't make any difference to your physical appearance then the pain in mouth.

I too like to suck my men, deep throat too...But to the limit that I enjoy.

So happy sucking but no pain

With love
Sexy Gudiya
answered Mar 9 by boldnsexy (1,545 points)
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Hi, If you are not enjoying speak to your husband. Try to avoid deep throat .
answered Mar 9 by kavitha80 (355 points)
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Mouth can't be a substitute for vagina.Mouth is an organ capable of giving blowjob.It should not be used as vagina.Perform fellatio on him.Suck and lick his PreCum.Never allow him to pump your mouth.There may be suffocation or gagging.
answered Mar 10 by Motilal (9,740 points)
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Ur hubby is fucking Ur mouth coz Ur pussy/anus lacks tightness.
Continue with mouth, otherwise he may fuck any other opening of Ur body
answered Mar 10 by arjun.masti1 (210 points)
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He is abusing you & considered as martial rape if you don't want it.
It shows his dominating nature to suppress you.
answered Mar 12 by DCSB (2,255 points)

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