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Can plastic surgery increase the penis size?

asked Mar 7 in Questions by Motilal (9,950 points)

I have several friends and most them are satisfied with the size of their penis.The size varies from 4.2 inch to 6.4 inch.

One of them posseses a penis of 3.1 inches. Should he approach a plastic suregon for increasing the size.

Is it possible to increase penis size with surgery? Is it very costly.

I want to know the opinion of members.

commented Mar 8 by Motilal (9,950 points)
Please read plastic surgeon in my feedback.

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5 Answers

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Yes, for penis enlargement there is a procedure(surgery) but it's very costly,
James Elist, is the doctor who founded this procedure and named as "Penuma". He is located in Beverly Hills, California.
The cost of this procedure is 15000 USD presently.
No insurance company is covering this procedure.
In the process a crescent-shaped piece of medical-grade silicone is inserted under your penis skin to make your penis large. They will design your penuma decide accordingly to your penis.
The Penuma could enlarge the average penis up to a length of 6.1 inches when flaccid, and 7.7 inches when erect.
answered Mar 8 by abhi14343 (1,915 points)
selected Mar 10 by Motilal
commented Mar 11 by abhi14343 (1,915 points)
edited Mar 14 by abhi14343
Thanks for selecting my answer as best answer.
I shared my knowledge, think i helped you.
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He should not do anything to increase the size as that would only have adverse effect on the penis and he may not be able to have sex as he sued to. He should accept the size and needs to be satisfied with the size as there is no way that he can change it.
answered Mar 8 by alpesh kapdi (29,075 points)
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Why are men so obsessed with the size of their dong. It's not the dong alone which make women get their Big O.

It's a combination of lot of thing including the size but not only size. So grow boys, learn the art of love making.

It's a risk procedure which might leave you in a dire state, so it is better to have something than nothing.

With Love
Sexy Gudiya
answered Mar 9 by boldnsexy (1,555 points)
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Better not to do any surgery. What happens if the surgery goes wrong? He won't be able to seek pleasure the way he used to.
answered Mar 9 by Austin George (1,805 points)
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It is  not advisable to go for surgery for  penis enlargement, what if surgery go wrong.
answered Mar 12 by DCSB (2,380 points)

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