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Article: When to end a relationship: Some signs it's really over!

asked Feb 4 in Articles by longhands1 (93,455 points)

Article: When to end a relationship: Some signs it's really over!

When to end a relationship is the kind of question that doesn't have a straight answer. Breaking up usually involves a lot of heartache and pain, and there's never a good time to go through such things. So, if you're wondering when to have that talk with your other half, it might be just as well to check that breaking up really is the best thing to do.

If you've been questioning your relationship or wondering what your life would be like without your significant other, or have even been thinking about whether or not you're truly in it for the long haul, then keep reading.

We realise that these things are often very difficult to admit or face, but sometimes you're hurting yourself by not coming to terms with the fact that it's time to move on.

While all relationships go through their fair share of ups and downs, these signs and scenarios should help you confirm whether you want to work on your relationship or say goodbye.


You’ve haven’t been talking as much

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Many people in a relationship expect their significant other to be a mind reader, but it just isn't fair.

If you don't tell your partner how you're feeling, you can't expect them to know.

If communication isn't being done effectively, if there isn't any communication, or it is being done wrong, a relationship is in trouble.



No one is listening

If you are talking, but aren't really listening to what the other person is saying, you may as well not be talking at all.

"What I witness with couples is they interrupt each other a lot," Dr. Thomas says. "It takes the conversation so far from the points you want to say."

If one of you has left the conversation, so to speak, it's a sign of being emotionally checked out.

If you're both physically there, but one of you has emotionally left, You are not listening.




You don’t feel safe

This doesn’t necessarily mean you feel as though you’re in danger with your partner, though it may.

There should be safety in all respects: emotional, physical, and sexual safety.

Do you feel taken care of? Do you always feel safe when you’re together? If the answer is no, it’s time to seriously rethink your relationship.

Emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse... if one or more partner is doing this, it will erode the relationship.


One of you has slipped back into a bad habit

Often people try to rid themselves of bad habits when they’re in a relationship, for the sake of both their significant other and their own life.

But when someone becomes unhappy, it's likely that they'll go back to their old ways. Addiction, to substances or porn, can cause damage to the person and to the relationship if they don't get help.

If this goes on, one person will start feeling like the victim or martyr. Then you get into a co-dependent relationship. It becomes a bottomless pit. When does it stop? If a person does not admit they have these problems and do something about it, the relationship is doomed.



You’ve been snooping

If you’ve been snooping on your significant other, it’s for one of two reasons: there’s sufficient evidence that you’re going to find something, or your own insecurities are getting in your way and clouding your judgement.

Either way, you’re suffering from some sort of doubt, and it's crippling your relationship. Whether you’re checking his email, scrolling through his phone, or digging through his pockets, be warned that it rarely ends well.

Emotional cheating and emotional abuse are actually more hurtful to a person and a relationship than physical cheating or abuse.

Whether you want to believe it or not, snooping is emotional cheating. Be prepared for what you may find.

You can’t agree on anything

There should be give and take on both sides. Everybody doesn't get what they want all the time; they get pieces of what they want. Just don't give up on things that will make you feel resentful in the future.

Remember: no matter who you’re with, you won’t always be right and you won’t always get your way. But that’s not what it’s about. It should be a two-way street, not a one-way road.

Compromise is huge because eventually one person will feel resentment and the other will feel dependent, spoiled, and childlike. Compromise, but then keep your word.

You’re not having sex

If you’ve stopped having sex completely, ask yourself why.

Is it because you don’t want to, or because he hasn’t initiated it? If you’re no longer intimate, chances are you’re not being affectionate with one another anymore, either.

The human touch is more powerful than we know, and a lack of it can lead to the demise of a relationship.

Sex is usually more a sign or symptom of a bigger problem, that the relationship is not going well, therefore the Sex is not going well. This is almost always a by-product of other problems.

You always have to initiate sex

If he’s never the one to initiate sex, you’ve got a problem. When it comes to the bedroom there should be a lot of give and take, but if it's you always asking him, then you don't need us to tell you that it gets boring and frustrating, pretty quickly.

People in relationships, not married, on the brink of 'Should I get engaged or married', these are strong women, but they want to feel like the woman in the relationship. They don't always want to be initiating sex.

You ought to allow time for your man to take charge from time to time, or even talk to him about the issue, asking him why he always leaves making the first move down to you.

You have sex, but you’re not enjoying it

Sex should never feel forced or unfamiliar. If it’s happening but doesn’t feel quite right to you, think about whether or not anything else has felt “off” in your relationship.

"If there is no Sex or there is a major sexual incompatibility, then that is a huge incompatibility in the relationship.

Sex is a huge part of any romantic relationship. Never underestimate the power of intimacy.


More often than not, you feel alone

If you're still in the relationship but often find yourself feeling lonely or alone, it's probably time to break ties and move on.

Remember, you know you better than anyone else. If you're unhappy and you think it's time to end it, do it. Always trust your instincts. Chances are, they're right.

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