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Women's Feature : How to wear a bra with a backless dress

asked Jan 10 in Articles by longhands1 (93,435 points)

Women's Feature : How to wear a bra with a backless dress

Want to wear a backless dress and do not know what bra to wear? This is something that can, for instance, happen to any woman on her wedding day or when attending a special event. But this should not be a problem, as there are different options of undergarments to enjoy with shirts and dresses with an open back. So that you know the support options that you have, at ASKANJALI.COM, we explain how to wear a bra with a backless dress.

Multi-way bra

One of the most comfortable and recommendable bras to wear with a backless dress are multi-way bras. This type of bra can change the straps and achieve multiple combinations, depending on what the neck and back of your dress or shirt are like.


Adhesive fasteners

Another possibility is to use adhesive fasteners which do not need any straps but simply adhere straight on to your chest. These work best with a tight-fit dress and not a loose one, as they offer limited support. Also, they work better on smaller chested women as opposed to large breasted women.


Silicone adhesives nipple covers

If these options are still not sufficient, you can also opt for silicone adhesive nipple covers. This is very similar to the above but in reduced dimensions. Note that these do not provide any support at all. Instead, they just offer nipple coverage.


Sew-in bra dress

For girls and women with large chests, maybe some of these options will just not work at all because they do not grip enough. In that case, alternatives should be sought such as a sew-in dress bra to look great in a backless dress. In this way, they will be incorporated into the dress and for whenever you put it on. You can find them in lingerie shops and department stores. These are very common in cocktail dresses and wedding dresses, but not as common in casual dresses.


Clear straps

Although less aesthetically desirable , another possible solution may be to use clear straps. We consider it one of the last resorts and you will not be totally invisible and they can even become a bit unsightly. But in case you have no alternative they can also serve to wear clothes with an open back.



  • Select the bar that best suits your chest.
  • Look for the colour that best matches your dress or shirt.
commented Jan 10 by DCSB (2,245 points)
Very good article for modern womens.

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