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What Intimacy can my divorced friend expect after remarriage?

asked Oct 13 in Questions by Dr.Murli (215 points)

My Friend (Male) who is divorced has agreed to remarry. Here are his doubts:

1. If he marries a divorced lady, how will the intimacy begin. Will they have good sex life? Will she be ready to have intercourse on the day of marriage itself? What will be in her mind during fuck session? Whether she will agree for anal or blowjob ?

2. If he marries a widow, how will be the intimacy? What will be in her mind during fuck session? Intercourse on same night of the marriage? Whether she will agree for anal, blow job etc..

3. If he marries an unmarried girl, how should he initiate sex life?

Please share your opinions.

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4 Answers

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Dr Murli
1.You are correct, in lovemaking intimacy as well as sex is important.
2.Like male, sex is important for female, whether he marries, divorcee, widow or virgin.
3.Anal, blow job depends on how she was brought up / upbringing - whether he marries, divorcee, widow or virgin. Divorces do happen because of unusual demand of anal sex type by first husband.

Now the important thing:

1.Women are emotional animals.
2.Divorced males are always looked down with suspicion.
3.In comparison, Widowers  command respect.

In Indian context,
1.Divoreced ladies marrying a virgin male of their age group, are happy lots. Divorced ladies, having experience of bitterness, know well how to adjust to the second husband. Added to that theywant to prove the society.
2.Widow with kids have different priority. Men try to avoid the additional responsibilty. Widows will take time to come to terms, as they wonder the reason for marrying her.
3.Victims are economically disadvantaged unmarried girls.

Yes, Divorced males are always looked down with suspicion.
answered 6 days ago by solliadi (3,165 points)
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Hypothetical question , no need to answer.
answered 6 days ago by DCSB (505 points)
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Was these types of thoughts were in his mind when he married first time? Was he did anal, gave BJ etc. etc. How he deal with that situation before? Same situation. That was a girl, now a woman.This time feelings is more important than sex. In that one night what your friend wants to prove. Talk to her before marriage, try to understand her, what she likes, what didn't.
answered 5 days ago by Happy Saint (475 points)
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Whether anal or blowjob would take place no one can tell you no matter who he marries as there is no guarantee that a woman who has sexual experience can do these things. It depends on the woman whether she will be ready for those things or not.

It sounds that he wants to get married to get blowjob and anal sex which is not good in the first place because marriage consists so many things apart from the sex and ask him to focus on other things too. If he is a lucky man then he will get those things even if he marries a virgin girl so it deepens on woman to woman and how comfortable they are with the sex.
answered 5 days ago by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)

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