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How to use lubricated flavoured Condoms for Oral Sex?

asked Oct 13 in Questions by Motilal (8,255 points)

This is a query that most of my friends and I have. We all belong to an advanced age group and love to receive fellatio from legitimate and extramarital female partners.

Will lubrication of Condom and latex harm us in any way. What precaution is necessary in doing Cunnilingus with your partner? At present we do these activities directly.

Hope to receive views of other members.

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2 Answers

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Why to fear now when you have direct experience/ immunity over a long time.

In fact, if we read the theory available online, then we will be scared of the consequences.
1.Lubricants in Condom - Many individuals have sensitivities to latex, parabens, and/or glycerin. Utilizing these condoms may bring vaginal disturbance. This irritation can put one at an expanded danger for getting HIV and/or other sexually transmitted diseases.
2.All our attention is focused on HIV. There are lot more bacterial and viral infection possible, even with skin to skin contact.
3.Mouth on Vagina - HPV, Sypillis and Herpes infections are passed easily.

If it is a closed group for a proven long time - the risk is less..Why to worry?
answered Oct 13 by solliadi (3,165 points)
selected 2 days ago by Motilal
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At this old age how u get female partner I M thinking and I still get erection?      Do old women also enjoy the act?   And what you think how much percentage of old women have libido ?  Till what age old female really enjoy ?

I am really curious
answered Oct 13 by simple_man (220 points)

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