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My GF had sex with a Guy and got pregnant. Now she had an abortion. How to deal with this?

asked Oct 12 in Questions by victor4uhugo (120 points)

My Girlfriend had sex with another guy and got pregnant. She then had an abortion.

Now, we both had sex. Is it safe? I am so worried. Its ruining myLife now. I love her so much.

I don't know what to do. Do we need to do any tests regarding HIV/STD or any other tests?

Please let me know.

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7 Answers

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Hello Victor,

If your girlfriend had multiple partners, I would suggest you both to get all tests done. Its not guaranteed that either of you may have STD but still for your peace of mind, you need to get it done.

answered Oct 13 by sadiq_khan (1,060 points)
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When did your girlfriend have sex with another guy? When did you have sex with her? What is the time gap  between these two incidents? Whether have you used Condom?
If you had sex with your girl friend with condom - no need to worry of HIV.
Otherwise it depends on sexual history of your girlfriend and her partners.
answered Oct 13 by solliadi (3,165 points)
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Better both of you to test it & clear your doubts.
answered Oct 13 by Happy Saint (475 points)
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So she cheated on you or she had sex before you two became a thing ? If she cheated then leave her, and if you want to continue then get both of yourselves tested for all STDs.
answered 6 days ago by gr8gaur (2,560 points)
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It is better, both of you test and clear your doubts and leave that girl who fuck with others also.
She is definitely not in love with you, she is treating you as a fuck buddy only.
So you should also enjoy her sexually & Move on.
answered 6 days ago by DCSB (505 points)
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What type of girl friend you posses.She is not at all reliable.Doing sex with your friend and become pregnant.She aborted the child.Why you are concerned about it,is not clear.She might have numerous sex partners.I want to know how she is ruining your life? Perhaps you are involved in threesome with her?
answered 6 days ago by Motilal (8,255 points)
commented 6 days ago by gr8gaur (2,560 points)
where has he mentioned that the guy is his friend ???
commented 5 days ago by Motilal (8,255 points)
See the word Girlfriend....guy may be his girl friends friend.
commented 5 days ago by gr8gaur (2,560 points)
but you mentioned in your answer 'doing sex with your friend'  ?
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Tests should be done as it is related to health so you should not compromise over there. If the cheating is not a deal breaker thing for you then you can be with her otherwise I would say find a girl who is loyal to you.

If you stay with her then these things will always stay in your mind and with time you would start resenting her for having sex with another guy. However, you have not elaborated why she had sex with another guy and how your relationship was before that.

It depends on you whether to be with her or not so if you can digest the fact that she had sex with another guy and got pregnant then stay with her otherwise you know the answer as the dynamic of the relationship has changed and you need to decide whether you can fine-tune with that change or not.
answered 5 days ago by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)

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