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How common is armpit hair among women?

asked Oct 9 in Questions by Austin George (825 points)
An article was recently posted regarding women's body hair. I was surprised to learn that some women have slight traces of hair even on their anus, nipples, inner thighs etc. But armpit hair was strangely omitted from the article.

Sometimes when I browse through porn websites, I come across women who have armpit hair. Is this normal for a woman? Personally, I don't like women having armpit hair as I find it gross and unfeminine. But on the other hand I am fond of women's pubic hair and even the thought of hair around the anus sounds arousing.

So here is my next question. How common is armpit hair among women? Do only some women have it or most women have it?

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5 Answers

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Austin, yes it's very common among women. I don't think there is hardly any women in this world who doesn't grow atleast some amount of hair in the pits. And all the women whom I know personally have armpit hair. It's just that most of the women prefer to wax or shave it for aesthetic purpose and to wear sleeveless dresses.

I also saw a question of you related to anus hair among women and that also is very common. It's just that we guys have thicker hair around the anus and women tend to have more finer and minute hairs around there. But that said the extent of hair in such areas among women depends. There are some women who grow relatively thicker and dark hair around the genitals and armpits than others. Genetics and hormones play a huge role in defining body hair in all individuals including women.
answered 6 days ago by Anup31 (325 points)
selected 6 days ago by Austin George
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Most of women are having armpit hair & is fairly common.
answered Oct 10 by DCSB (505 points)
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Armpit hair is common among women.
Some shave it.
But majority love to have it.
It is a natural ventilator for the sweat.

I have a query - Is it not harmful using deodarant?
If shirt/blouse/tops are spoiled, what effect will it have on our skin / health?
answered Oct 10 by solliadi (3,165 points)
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All women have it as it is natural among human body and the hair has purpose to be there. You may not like it as it is your personal preferences and the good thing is that we have access to remove it.   There are many men who like women who have armpit hair as it is their fetish to play with it.
answered Oct 11 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
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It is my personal observation that most of the women posses pubic hair and arm pit hairs.Few of them shave it at regular interval.Porn websites exeggerate everything.We prefer hairy...
answered Oct 11 by Motilal (8,255 points)

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