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How many members in this forum are using sex toys?

asked Oct 9 in Questions by Happy Saint (475 points)
I read some where that sales growth of sex toys has increased very much. What is the your experience about Sex toys? Is it as good as that of the real thing? How expensive are such sex toys? Are they easily available in India?

If you have brought it from another country, do the Customs check and ask embarrassing questions? Can you use the Sex toy with multiple partners? Do you have to wash it or disinfect it every time?

Please share your experiences.
commented Oct 12 by Happy Saint (475 points)
Waiting for more response.......

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1 Answer

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I got some toys for myself and my partner from Denmark where such things are freely available.
On my return journey back to India I was damn scared that they might check and it will become emarressement if not anything it might be declared illegal. Luckily at Mumbai customs no one checked the main luggage but they scan the hand bags. All stuff were in the main luggage so I escaped.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

answered Oct 11 by Tangent (525 points)
commented Oct 11 by Happy Saint (475 points)
Thanks for your answer..........

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