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How frequently can we have sex?

asked Sep 30 in Questions by rajneha (130 points)
edited Oct 2 by longhands1


I am Raj, aged 27. I got engaged to my fiancee who is 20. I am changing my job and will join a new company overseas. As per my old company's rules, I can  join another company only after 3 months gap. This will allow me to get full 3 months leave.

My marriage is scheduled for Jan 2019. But now its preponed and I will get married in 20 days. I will have golden opportunity to spend 2 and half months with her. We will be having long honeymoon at differnat places. I love sex, and it is my desire to enjoy lots of sex during this honeymoon period.

We had sex few times after we got engaged and we both enjoyed it a lot. Please advise how frequently we can have sex? My desire is to have sex everyday as much as we can and explore all types of sex. Will having sex multiple times a day affect our health. We both are healthy.

Can we enjoy oral sex everyday? Also I would like to enjoy anal sex though not daily but with a gap of 4 to 5 days.

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commented Oct 2 by Motilal (8,255 points)
You are yet get married.Who allowed you to stay together....2.5 month There is a possibility of doing sex but honeymoon is never done before marriage.Before marriage regular oral is not desirable.
commented Oct 3 by rajneha (130 points)
My marriage is pre-poned. I am getting married soon. Before joining my new job, I will have free time of 2.5 months.

As per my old company's (its an  MNC) policy, I cannot join a new rival company immediately. I can join only after 3 months. Their rules differ from person to person.
and depends on which company one is  joining
commented Oct 4 by rajneha (130 points)
Thanks to all of you have answered my Question.
Your tips will be useful.
I am getting married on 10th of this month
I can have good honeymoon and enjoy sex too.

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6 Answers

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Best answer

There really is no limit to the number of times you can have sex. As long as you both feel energetic and in the mood, you can have sex. Many Couples have sex 5-6 times of more in a day, when they feel horny and are experiencing sex for the first time.

A woman can have sex multiple times as she can orgasm multiple times. But for a man there is a gestation period of a few minutes or few hours before he can get an erection again. But you both must ensure that you are well hydrated (drink lots of liquids) and there is no soreness in either the vagina or the penis. Constant rubbing can lead to the skin getting rubbed, if there is no lubrication.

Oral sex is a part of foreplay and you can have it "n" number of times. You may desire to end it with penetration or just orgasming without penetration.

Do not forget to read our Articles on how to have anal sex. Search for it by typing anal sex in the Search Box (on the right top side). Anal sex requires preparation and some commonsense.

Also, talk about pregnancy and when you want to have the baby.
answered Sep 30 by longhands1 (85,735 points)
selected Oct 3 by rajneha
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Dear Raj,

There is no limit to have sex as far as both of you are enjoying. You can have any type of sex as you mentioned if both of you are comfortable.
The only advice for Anal & Oral  sex is to maintain proper hygiene to enjoy fullest.

Happy honeymoon!
answered Sep 30 by DCSB (505 points)
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Hi Enjoy as much as you can there is bar no limit to have sex You can fuck her daily multiple time You are such lucky you will get 2 and half month to enjoy honeymoon During my 20 days honeymoon I was fucking her daily many times oral and anal also we enjoyed Do lot of forplay Google and find diff ways you can enjoy
Have wonderful time All the best
answered Sep 30 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
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To find out the frequency to have sex, in a balanced healthy way, divide your age by 9. If your age is 27 and divide it by 9 equals 3. That is to say, once in 3 days.
answered Sep 30 by solliadi (3,165 points)
commented Oct 1 by rajneha (130 points)
Does this rule applies in eating food also ? once in three days ?
commented Oct 3 by solliadi (3,165 points)
For a person who do not get food daily and look forward with a gap of 4 to 5 days, 3 days will be God Sent Gift. Isint?
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This depends upon age and stamina of male partner.Newly married couples engage in sex almost daily 1-2 times till wife gets pregnant.My maximum in day and night is seven times.Done thrice on many nights.After that sex urge in female decline for certain period.Male remains in search of extramarital sex....during pregnancy of wife and afterwards.This happened to me also but I never got addicted to none of them.
answered Oct 1 by Motilal (8,255 points)
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You can have sex 2-3 times a day.

Women are lucky to have sex at an earlier age as they marry Young, while we men have to wait till 25-30 to have sex.
answered Oct 3 by Austin George (825 points)

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