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Is it normal for every sister to tease her little brother?

asked Sep 27, 2018 in Questions by sravanideverapu (125 points)
edited Sep 28, 2018 by longhands1

Hi everyone,

I am Sravani. I have completed my Phd in Mathematics and presently staying at home. I am 3 months pregnant. My hubby works abroad. My mother stays with me now a days. Due to my father's ill health, my mother went to our home town and sent my younger brother to stay with me.

He is very loving and affectionate and very caring about me, as we are only persons in my home. I wear any kind of dress in front of him. He used to give compliments and I felt happy for his compliments,

We go everywhere together, like movies and shopping. I think he has got attracted towards me. He is always trying to see my breast when I wear nighty. I wear frock type nighty without inners and always notice that he is staring at me. I felt its common for boys of this age, so I did not complain or say anything to him.

15 days back, we went to the Medical Clinic to have by pregnancy scanning done. Many women were there and they were all weaing sarees. I was wearing a dress. After seeing them he asked me why I did not wear a saree. I told him that the doctor will ask to remove saree for scanning. In dress we can raise it up easily and as I am wearing a pant there will be no problem.

He said, I will come inside. I asked him why? He said, some stranger (doctor) will be seeing my sister, so why can't I? I told him that the doctor wont allow him inside. To cool down his insistence, I told him that after going home, you can see me but dont create any scene here.

Slowly I too got attracted towards him. These days, I dress up infront of him without any hesitation. I also badly want him physically because my hubby is not here. I have lots of sexual urges as I am not getting any sex.

Will it be okay to have sex with my brother? While googling about sex between brother and sister, I came across this AskAnjali Site. I hope you all will give me answers to my doubts

Is sex during pregnancy harmful? Some say its good during pregnancy while others say its not good during pregancy. What is the truth?

commented Sep 27, 2018 by Motilal (9,740 points)
What is the age of younger you share same bed?
commented Sep 27, 2018 by sravanideverapu (125 points)
he is 24 years. sometime he sleeps in my room only
commented Sep 29, 2018 by robotboy1 (770 points)
"No its not normal"

It will lead to sexual relation only. There is not problem in having sex with your brother but keeping it secret would be tough. NO matter how smart you are such things gets leaked away. Take care of secrecy and you will rock

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12 Answers

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Incest is basically wrong and best avoided, but there are times when it appears a workable solution. In the present case, you are pregnant and desire sex. Your Hubby is not around to help. You have a younger sibling who is more than willing to help and you both stay together. An intoxicating mix of circumstances.

Often pregnancy leads to hormonal imbalance and the desire for more sex, though the opposite is also true. It is the first 3 months and last 2 months that you should avoid having vigorous intercourse as this may cause a miscarriage. But oral sex and doggy position is suitable for sex during pregnancy.

You have not told us how old your brother is, but it does appear that he has been lusting after you for quite some time and even fantasizing about you before your marriage. If you can both maintain secrecy about your relationship, there is no reason why you cannot have sex. Also since your are pregnant, the chances of getting pregnant by him is not there and he would be free to have sex without using a condom. And of course the bond between you both will only increase.
answered Sep 27, 2018 by longhands1 (93,025 points)
selected Oct 8, 2018 by sravanideverapu
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There are many women who feel okay in having ex during pregnancy while there so many women who find it difficulty in sex so it is up to you how your body is comfortable during pregnancy but you have to make sure that the kid inside your womb would not get affected because of your urge to have sex with him.

He must be an inexperienced man so you should be careful while having sex with him as there are full chances that he will end up putting his weight on your stomach and that may create trouble for the kid so I would say avoid sex with him for the sake of your baby. Moreover, he is your own brother so you should not have sex with him.

Stop encouraging him to have sex with you as you are giving him hints that you can have sex with him and it sounds that he is ready to have fun with you. There are many other ways to satisfy your urge so opt for that. If you decide to have sex  with him then make sure that he does it properly and guide him enough how to do it correctly and if possible then ask your doctor whether sex is recommended in the first place or not.
answered Sep 27, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (28,960 points)
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I am personally against sex between brother and sister.You are utilizing the absence of your husband,who works in abroad.Exhibiting your assets and remaining without inners to your younger brother.He is not a saint and he can't remain with closed eyes.There is nothing wrong,if he stares your boobs etc.His attraction for your juicy body is obvious.Both possessing soft corner for each other. You want him physically.Proceed with kiss,embrace,fondling of breast or penis, oral sex and handjob before he irrigates your love canal with Semen. You are thirsty and he can quench your thirst.  No harm in doing sex during pregnancy.No regular intercourse,no pressure on belly,no deeper penetration,no heavy strokes.Shallow penetration,slow strokes and full discharge of semen inside desirable.You may swallow his Cum.
answered Sep 27, 2018 by Motilal (9,740 points)
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Yes you can.... I wish you as my sister.... Don't afraid just do it.
answered Sep 27, 2018 by rahulsngh (1,060 points)
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Enjoy your moments but make sure he won't hurt your pelvic area or leave weight on you because it will cause miscarriage
answered Sep 27, 2018 by maximos7 (300 points)
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Hi sravani,

First of all congrats on your pregnancy. My best wishes. I saw your question. My answer is yes, you can have sex with your brother. Its fully safe for you. But make sure he uses condom every time you have sex.

But if you feel its wrong then don't do it. U have to think about your brothers life also. So think twice before having sex with your brother.

answered Sep 27, 2018 by vrslvrslvrs (455 points)
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Hi Sravani

First I want to congratulate for your baby and great to hear about your brother is caring  of you. I am little worried about your perception as well as you define your brother some time watch your breast when you bent down for something and all but you are mature you must have to take care of the things other wise result you better known. He is in his younger age as a men I know when my wife was pregnant I have very good feeling for her when her bodies having changed day by day. I really loves her curves and still missing those days. He is also men and he liking the change and he loves to see you, yes off course you also missing pampering which is most needed thing in this time. Hope your husband will come at the time of delivery and you may able to fulfills your desired. Best thing if you missing pampering and all then allow your brother to move his hands over on belly only. You also get the relax and he also feel some extra pleasure don't think about sexual encounter which may lead any bed perception in you future.

Best of Luck.
answered Sep 28, 2018 by kingmyaqueen (2,645 points)
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Its very easy to give in to temptation and desires and trample upon your spouse's faith in you rather than value the trust in the relationship and maintaining the sanctity of a blood relation.

How would you react if you were to find out that your husband is sexually involved with his sister, mother or a cousin ?? I can understand that you're 3 months pregnant, without sex and badly miss your husband but does he deserve this betrayal ? His wife with his kid in her belly having sex with her own brother, the man who is uncle to your kid. Your husband is working hard to provide you a decent living and to secure the future of his wife and his kid, and what he gets in return is betrayal.

And its just not about sleeping with your brother but any guy, whether related to you or not. Don't break the trust of your husband just because you can't resist your temptation. If you have any respect and love for your husband then don't even think about it again and tell your brother to behave. If your husband by any chance gets to know about this then you know what t expect.
answered Sep 28, 2018 by gr8gaur (3,230 points)
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Better avoid sex during pregnancy, that too other than your husbnd. You are doctorate in maths. Engage in activities in such a way, the child will be a genius or like a prahalad.
answered Sep 28, 2018 by solliadi (5,140 points)
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Sex during pregnancy can be risky but if you want it badlu you can there are many safe poses in which you can have sex without any issues.
He is 24 and what is your age?
And if you both feel affectionate and same urge to have sex than you both can go ahead and enjoy.
answered Sep 28, 2018 by myselfarun (2,015 points)
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Yes you can if you both are close enough like talk about sexual things and he stare or touch ur body parts the go for it.... coz i personally suggest you rthr then gng for EMA with an unknown ( risk of blackmailing) better to get that pleasure in home only.

Enjoy have safe sex with precautions
answered Sep 28, 2018 by flirtymaxx (375 points)
commented Sep 29, 2018 by sravanideverapu (125 points)
hi everyone, am getting response from you guys, really thanks for your suggestions and for your guidence,
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You are into very perverse situation.In great delima.
But in my opinion you should avoid it altogether & engage yourself into academic activities to keep yourself busy.
The relationship between brother & sister is SIN .
Being pregnant & engage in sexual activity could be dangerous for your baby
In pregnancy great care required in sexual activity that your brother can't handle as he is young & can't control his agression and harm your baby unknowingly.

Wait for hubby to queny the thirst of your hot Pussy.
answered Sep 29, 2018 by DCSB (2,255 points)

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