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I finally breastfed my son.

asked Sep 14 in Questions by shikha pahwa (145 points)
I am Shikha. Earlier I had asked my problem regarding my 17 year old son , who begged for breastfeeding.

I got many respenses from many people. Thanks for overwhelming replies. After lot of introspection, I finally  alloed him to suckle my nepples and breasfed him.

He promised me it was first and last time. I did not want it ibut it happend.

Please give your opinions. Will it be the last time?

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16 Answers

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No harm in breast feeding your son.Provided he keeps his promise and neither of you got sexually aroused.Have you felt any pleasure or erection in his penis during breast feeding.Lot depends upon you whether it will be last time or not?I am eager to know how long breast feeding continue or did you pressed his head on your breasts or did he fondle your breasts...
answered 6 days ago by Motilal (8,030 points)
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As long as you n he enjoyed the moment nothing wrong go-ahead but pls don't give your body to him for sex it won't look gud he might ask for it shortly so..
answered 6 days ago by maximos7 (265 points)
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It's just the beginning my dear. He has just seduced you. Without your knowledge and urge of your sexual pleasure, soon he might be getting the taste of your pussy. Did you enjoy his act ? What's your feeling ?
answered 6 days ago by deepu1996 (385 points)
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Time will only tell you whether it would be the last time or not but one thing is clear that now he got impression that he can get anything from you so there are full chances that he will demand to have sex with you one day so be ready for it. You already crossed the boundaries with your son so hope things would get better between you two.
answered 6 days ago by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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Hello shikha

As you have given a chance to breastfeed to your son, It's yours choice only but I'm sure after a little timespan it will be again.
Don't mind but it will end with fucking and as I thought somewhere you are also ready for all these thing.
My thoughts are little straight forward but true.

answered 6 days ago by dhruvdss (150 points)
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Hi Shikha

This is not last time, it's initiated later definitely you will be write after some time you get the pleasure while your son sucking your nipples. You are also human been and as a human you also get want to taste something new.  Waiting your next step and ready to next juicy session.

Best of luck
answered 6 days ago by kingmyaqueen (2,380 points)
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Shikha,so you did breastfeed your adsolent son.While he suckled how he behaved?was it like a kid  or a lusty man suckle on the woman's breasts?
It will give you a clue where the wind is blowing.if he indeed was like a man then he might come back asking for more.Did you feel arousal during it?
Anyways you have to keep him in control and do not give in to his any such demand in future.
Tell him you both are in a  pious relation and it is not right to indulge in such activities.
answered 5 days ago by prashant69 (7,210 points)
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Hi Shikha,
I dont see any problem in this case. that you breastfed your son. but you need to take care of his intention weather he wanted something more.

Do you know we have tradition in Rajsthan that when bridegroom(Dulha) leave his native for his wedding; we say is "Barat-Nikasi" that time her mother breastfeeds him. and remind him of her milk she fed when he was child. and ask him "RETURN HER DOODH KA KARZ", by make marry with that girl.  

so i dont see any problem in it.
answered 5 days ago by sheetal69 (695 points)
commented 4 days ago by Austin George (660 points)
Wow. Interesting Rajasthani tradition.
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I personally think you haven't made any sort of mistake, however unless you want to take things further with him I would set some boundaries with him as he WILL now want to see how far things could go between the two of you.
I may be mistaken but seeing as he's 17 I presume he was looking for a sexual release of sorts; either way I hope it all works out for you and your son.
Best of luck xx
answered 5 days ago by Sam_123 (235 points)
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It all depends on how he sucked urs.. if he sucked like child, then this would be last time like a fun fulling life.. But if he had lust in his action, you now need to do this daily and he is not going to stop with this.
answered 5 days ago by ramyarani2 (300 points)
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Shikha, everything is in your hand, you should decide. how did you feel while breastfeeding your son. Did you excited sexually or just feeling like a mom breastfeeding her little baby. You didn't tell about your feelings.
answered 4 days ago by kavitha80 (205 points)
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He will definitely come to you again if he is sucking your boobd gently then it might br the end if he was hungry and wanted to grab it and want to bite it then there is a high probability that he will come again.
answered 4 days ago by myselfarun (1,790 points)
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There is every chance that this is sexual than parental. Not to judge, but you too like this. Nothing wrong, but he may come to you again. You can decide to go on or not. If you go ahead, you most probably end up having sex with him.
answered 3 days ago by hollow (190 points)
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You are wise enough to think, you have fallen in the trap as you are interested to do so. This is a one way road. Don't play the victim card.
answered 3 days ago by Happy Saint (350 points)
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Shika Pahwa

"I did not want it ibut it happend."

Nothing is in our control. It is the Age. Yes. It is the Age of both.
answered 2 days ago by solliadi (2,910 points)
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I don't think it's last time he will suck your boobs but I have  strong feeling about your son sucking your pussy for first time and making you jump   up and down on his penis wait for it dear
I had informed you don't allow him to do it
answered 2 days ago by pavan350 (1,350 points)

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