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Is licking or sucking of Clitoris of unknown women safe?

asked Sep 13, 2018 in Questions by Motilal (9,600 points)
edited Sep 20, 2018 by longhands1
I prefer to lick, suck and rub Clitoris of women.This enables them to beg for sex and attain orgasm earlier. I prefer it more than vaginal lick, suck and rub/fingering.

Is there any risk involved....what is your experience?

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5 Answers

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If you do not know the health of the women then you should not lick their clitoris as it can put you in trouble. You can enjoy with the women who are healthy and you know their sexual history but stay away from unknown women otherwise you will be in dying situation too.
answered Sep 14, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (28,860 points)
selected Sep 20, 2018 by Motilal
commented Sep 14, 2018 by Motilal (9,600 points)
How to know about health of the women without medical check up?
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It is my view only. I may be wrong. "Licking or Sucking of Clitoris of Known or Unknown Woman is not Safe".

Just to substantiate it. Assume your body as a big processing being. You have intake of food and liquid through inlet,mouth. After it is processed through your digestive system, there are outlets, to push out the waste. To facilitate the process of digestive and other systems, there are air  and secrecations.

Even with known person also, the quality of output differs on day to day - which depend on the intake of food / liquid, the quantity (during fasting, the secretions differ) and infections in any of tract.

In a nut shell - Be safe anyway.

Vagina is meant for Penis, not for the mouth. (again reiterate, this is my view, I may be wrng)
answered Sep 18, 2018 by solliadi (5,110 points)
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Forgive me if I am wrong but how can a women let you lick her clitoris and still be unknown to you?

Happy Clit-ri-fying.
answered Sep 19, 2018 by aruverma (570 points)
commented Sep 20, 2018 by Motilal (9,600 points)
I never licked Clitoris of unknown women.
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Hi Motilal

You prefer to lick, suck and rub Clitoris of women - this is your own choice. How you want to satisfy girls is your personal preference and does not matter.

Yes it is nice to feel girls needs but with unknown women it is not safe. Apart from that if you know about them then there is no issue specially with house wives. Unknown ladies if they have any kind of disease you may also be affected by that, with saliva you never get std but I think there is no need to take risk.

Best of luck
answered Sep 20, 2018 by kingmyaqueen (2,645 points)
commented Sep 21, 2018 by Motilal (9,600 points)
This is a Q &A site,everything may be discussed with friends here.I never got involved with unmarried girls.My all extramarital affairs are with married women or widow.My memory is failing to remember whether I have used the word "unknown" in my Question.
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No it is mot safe. There are many health risks as you will be in contact with her vaginal fluids and possibly taking it to your system.
answered Sep 21, 2018 by Asanka (815 points)

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