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Is there any harm in having oral sex daily?

asked Sep 13 in Questions by Karan.delhi (295 points)
I am Karan, age 25. My wife is 18 years old. We got married few months back. We have great sex life and enjoy sex daily as much as we can, more then once.

Daily she gives me bow job. I offload my semen in her mouth and she drinks it. I too drink her vaginal fluid while having oral sex.

We both maintain good hygine. Is there any harm in having daily oral sex and consuming semen and vaginal fluid ?

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11 Answers

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Best answer
If both of you maintain good personal hygiene and clean genital areas, then absolutely no harm in swallowing semen and vaginal fluids. Telling from my long experience and involvement in mutual oral sex. Some tips for best enjoyment:
1. Regularly shave or trim pubic hairs.
2. Have a shower before sex. A joint shower bath enhances mood.
3. Gently wash the genital areas with mild soap and luke warm water. Don't apply heavy dose of soap. Luke warm soapy water ideal.
4. Rinse the washed areas with running water to remove all traces of soap. Pat dry the area with a soft towel.
Now be ready for a great session of oral sex and tasty gulping of fluids.
answered Sep 14 by vas69 (135 points)
selected Sep 20 by Karan.delhi
commented Sep 14 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thank a lot for sparing time. your tips will be useful.Following your tips we will have better time
commented Sep 20 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
yours is best and useful advise Thanks once again
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What is the utility of doing oral sex when fresh wife is available....Fuck her regularly.If you receive regular blowjob from her,there will be enormous wastage of Semen per day.Your vitality will decrease.If blowjob is more enjoyable then decrease daily sex.
answered Sep 14 by Motilal (8,290 points)
commented Sep 14 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
we love all kinds of sex there is no wastage of semen as I have enough for day I fuck her   daily more then once and also we love enjoy oral daily
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No there is no harm so keep having oral sex as much as you both like and enjoy as that is the most pleasurable thing we can do with our partner. The good thing is that you both maintain good hygiene so there is no issue. Genitals are safer then mouths so do not worry about anything health wise and spend maximum time between the legs of your wife and ask her to keep your penis in her mouth all the time.
answered Sep 14 by alpesh kapdi (27,770 points)
commented Sep 14 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thank You very much for answer Atleast one person has spared time to answer .Happy with advise
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Dear you are so lucky to get a super sucking wife like that. She loves to swallow cum this is a great gift. As you both are maintain hygiene its always good. Oral is main session on bed, so do it as much as you can, as per my guess your wife loves when you lick her well. So keep licking and make the shiver out of her body, then go for a intercourse round, she will surely reach her climax.

Love to have more husbands like you.
answered Sep 14 by ramyarani2 (370 points)
commented Sep 14 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thanks for sparing time My wife enjoys my licking and after enjoying oral we have great time in bed
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Absolutely no harm in having oral sex daily and consuming semem and vaginal fluid .as you both maintain good hygiene You are one of the few lucky ,as you get daily blow job from your wife Continue and enjoy Oral sex is best sexual act Also fuck her daily and enjoy Lucky to have such young wife to enjoy .Continue to enjoy all kinds of sex and of course oral   as much as you can
answered Sep 16 by Manvendra Singh (180 points)
commented Sep 20 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thanks a lot for sparing time for useful advise
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There is no harm if you are keeping yourself clean. My husband is unable to penetrate me because of his physical problem so we have oral almost daily and we never faced any problem. All the best.
answered Sep 16 by Subhasree (215 points)
commented Sep 20 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thanks a lot for sparing time for useful advise
commented Sep 29 by solliadi (3,210 points)
What is the reason for your husband unable to penetrate you. Have you met doctors in this regard? There are many ayurvedic treatments. Recently I have come across one while watching a Tamil TV programme. You may try it.
1.Take 10 grams of Omam (Ajwain in English)
2.Take 10 grams of Vasambu (Vasa Bach in Hindi)
3.Heat pan on stove.Take first Omam in pan, followed by Vasambu.
4.After that grind them and make a powder.
5.Take 50ml of olive oil and make a paste with the mix powder.
6.Your husband may apply the paste on his penis and keep it overnight and wash it.
7.Repeat it for 21 times over a period.
This will make his penis stronger and he will be able to penetrate.
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Hi Karan

In single word there  is no issue if you both are agree on that as you also mansion you both maintain hygiene. Apart from that you both are mutual understand each other only take precautions when you eat high protein diet like non veg foods. Best option in your regular diet add some fruits so that taste of sperm not wierd. Best item is pinaple for better taste.

Best of luck.
answered Sep 16 by kingmyaqueen (2,455 points)
commented Sep 20 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thanks a lot for sparing time for useful advise
We eat mostly veg food. I only eat non veg sometimes out but she doesn't we ll use pineapple I our food
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Karan,if both of you are healthy and maintaining hygiene then.there is no harm in having oral sex and even consuming the secretions, body fluids.
 Actually if you would visit the internet and search on it you will know that the sperm contains certain proteins and other beneficial contents.And it's application on that face increases the glow of the face of the woman.You can even search  this site too for older.posts regarding this subject and you will get much useful information.
But be honest with each other and do not indulge with others.  As long as you will be one-partner couple there would not be any harm.
answered Sep 16 by prashant69 (7,245 points)
commented Sep 20 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thanks a lot for sparing time for useful advise we did find info on net
we are only one couple love each other a lot No extramarital relationship
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As long as you both are clear and maintain hygiene and are free from any stds you are good to go.
answered Sep 16 by myselfarun (1,855 points)
commented Sep 20 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thanks a lot for sparing time for useful advise
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Hey Karan,

Congratulations...Hope you are having gala time, I sure which you are having it.

Safe sex is when, it's between to healthy human being. Hygiene is most important thing and that should be precursor to your sex life.

Usually women are more prone to 'Urinary Track Infection (UTI)' which mean pussy area is more riskier comparatively to penis.

Pussy is usually wet through out the day, which mean more chance to infection. Hence it's important  for your wife to maintain very high standard of hygiene..For which need to clean and dry her pussy everytime she uses washroom. Drink lots of water...N before you get into action, you make sure it is cleaned properly.

Same goes with you, need to clean your penis properly, by pulling foreskin down.

A healthy both of you a healthy sex life.... Hygienic private part for lovely oral sex life ...That's the only thing you need to take care of

Have a wonderful sex life n enjoy your Oral sex life too.

With Love
Sexy Gudiya
answered Sep 16 by boldnsexy (1,225 points)
commented Sep 20 by Karan.delhi (295 points)
Thanks a lot for sparing time for useful advise
We maintain very good hygiene Keep private parts clean before we go for oral
We both enjoy oral a lot
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It depends on the individual. Some like it always. Some like it for some time. Some experiment it. Others hate it.

It is like, playing tennis or squash for an hour, say 6 to 7. And remove your jersey and lend him to other player (your friend) playing in 7 to 8 time slot. Some like it always. Some like it for some time. Some experiment it. Others hate it.

Remember, Vagina is ment for the Penis.
answered Sep 18 by solliadi (3,210 points)
commented Sep 26 by Motilal (8,290 points)
Men wants Hole,Women wants Pole.Both Men and Women,Pole and Hole made for each other.

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