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How to create interest in sex with my wife?

asked Sep 10 in Questions by Aksh (300 points)
edited Sep 12 by longhands1
Hi All ,

Thanks for answers to my last question.

Now , I am not into Gay sex.

I daily have sex with wife , but facing 2 problems.

1. I want to increase my stamina , as of now it is 3 to 5 min.

2. I am bored with daily sex , because of nothing new

So , how to spice up my sex life?

Thanks in Advance

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5 Answers

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Best answer
hi there!!
saw your reply on last question. well I would like to answer that question and this one here./

I think you are addicted to gay sex, that's why you are unable to enjoy normal sex.
do you watch porn movies? if yes you know how to do foreplay. try spending some time on foreplay like kissing, boob sucking, fingering etc. try to watch porn with your wife. so she can have some ideas about sex moves.
If you feeling getting bored by same move, try different moves. doing sex regularly is good, but if you find it boring then try to do sex in periodic manner like 2 days gap, etc.

this things takes time. your mind is in gay sex. right now you don't like normal sex because you aren't getting any proper response from your wife. show her some porn so she can have some ideas.

about stamina -
3 to 5 minutes is not bad. you can increase your time by practice. but I would suggest that you should do some foreplay. it's really helpful to excite your partner. once you do good foreplay you will find sex is more pleasurable than before.

Hope you understand my Points. if you have any querries then ask me here at any time.
answered Sep 13 by Harsh.03 (1,025 points)
selected 6 days ago by Aksh
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There are many things you can do and the easiest is role playing or imagination. It is not always easy to practically do what others do on this Site like partner exchange etc.

Since you are having sex everyday....that is a good sign that your wife is responding. Have sex at a different time .....even when she us cooking. Then you can have it in different rooms even in the bathroom or on the terrace or even book a hotel room and spend the whole day there.

You can get so many ideas if you have read all our articles here on bondage etc. Love and sex are not miracles. You have to work on them every day.  If possible stay nude at home for the whole day.

Finally, try different positions in sex.
answered Sep 12 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
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Say Good bye to gay sex.Avoid daily sex and never consider your wife as an object of sex.3-5 minute sex is enough.This duration can be enhanced.Decrease the frequency of sex to get better results.Do sex is different variations at different places.That will spice up your sex life.
answered Sep 13 by Motilal (8,030 points)
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There are many things you both can do to spice up your sex life so talk to your wife about new things to introduce in bedroom and hear what she has to say. You can do Google to get new ideas to experience but the important thing is that you should get your wife on board to try new things while having sex. Communication is the only way here in your case to get excitement back in your sex life. As far as your stamina is concerned you can do kegel exercise as that is the only way out to increase your stamina.
answered Sep 14 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
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Its so simple, dont go for sex daily. Stop doing intercourse, just do foreplay and close the session. keep doing foreplay alone until your wife gets mood and she takes control on you.

Use something new like, make love in terrace, car parking, kitchen. DONT do in bed .. it would look as usual.

Buy some new cloths to wife that make her hot and hotter inside house for u. these may spice up well
answered 5 days ago by ramyarani2 (300 points)

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