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Has any female on this site ever had 3some MFM?

asked Sep 9 in Questions by boldnsexy (1,135 points)
Dear All,

I need genuine answer to this questions, especially female member of the site.

I had threesome so many time, that I have forgot the count. I enjoy threesome especially with masculine man with gentle heart n romantic n erotic in nature. N go crazy when those are passionately involved only making love to me...Flirt with my mi d n body.

Yes but I also had some really bad exlexperien too...But not enough to discourage me from doing it again.

Please do share your views n exlexperie both good n bad..With what you like most a out it n what you hate it.

With Love,

Sexy Gudiya

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4 Answers

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There is nothing wrong in doing MFM, infact you get more pleasure. i had lot of 3somes during college itself. Its how u chose and how u be brave in bed with them. if you show u r weakness, they are going to go over you and bad things may happen.

Bad things include below
1. forcing us to drink alcohol
2. forcing to do rim
3. tie hands(if we dont like)
4. doing nasty that we dont want to

But you should be the queen in bed, chose men who love to do what you ask for or listen
answered Sep 14 by ramyarani2 (300 points)
selected 6 days ago by boldnsexy
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Can you pls share your experience where you find such guys and how you manage to trust them?
How long the session and what you do in session?
You married or single
answered Sep 13 by simple_man (210 points)
commented Sep 13 by boldnsexy (1,135 points)
Please read my previous question n answers along with my profile..You will get the answer..simple_man
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I am in FFM relationship for long time and never thought about MMF ,Since the question is oriented with female answers ,I would comment her as male response that MMF is foolish act were the both the male actualy dont enjoy ,Enjoyment in sex is interpreted by various people in various ways .Some people will have a non restless mind because of their daily life business or tiresome routines they may fantasy on MMF most of the case i would say  all the three members are not enjoying sex .

women is not having supernatural sex powers only mentally disturbed ladies have this nature of thinking since their sex organs and brain are running at different mode so pleasure is never felt in their body and mind simultaneously they go on different practices not getting actual pleasures.

According to me I am in FFM relation for long time and have seen my female partners enjoys more in this with me and i also felt this is real pleasure for a man .

In my college days my female partners always insisted me for FFM so that they have ample time to cum in orgasm multiple times with me.
answered 5 days ago by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)
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Even i am having such MFM threesome fantasy. I want to dominate them, even like to see them doing gay sex.
answered 4 days ago by kavitha80 (205 points)

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