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How to control the population growth in India?

asked Aug 27 in Questions by Motilal (8,030 points)
Development of India is crippled due to enormous population growth. Economy is crippled. Majority of children starve and are ill-nourished.

What is the remedy? Can you suggest few of them.

I think our Government is directionless in this matter.

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3 Answers

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Yes, India is overpopulated. The average fertility rate of Indian women is 2.48 children/woman. (2015 estimate from US CIA data). 2.48 is not high. Nothing alarming when you compare it with poor African countries.

Niger  - 6.62
Burundi  - 6.02
Mali  - 5.95
Somalia  - 5.89
Uganda  - 5.8
Burkina Faso - 5.79
Zambia  - 5.67
Malawi  - 5.54
Angola  - 5.31
Afghanistan  - 5.22
India  - 2.48

India's fertility rate is nothing compared to the aforementioned countries. One reason why India still has a large population is bcoz India has a favourable climate and has been inhabited by people since time immemorial. When people have been living, procreating and perpetuating their kind in India for a very very long time, the population is obviously going to be high after thousands of years. Compare this to Australia, North America and South America. These continents had almost no inhabits barring a few indigenous tribes until a few centuries ago when Europeans started settling there. Since these continents have been inhabited by the mainstream society only for a few centuries, their population is bound to be low.

So, there's nothing much we can do about the population of India. A fertility rate of 2.48 is normal. Most couples have 2-3 children. I wish to have 4 children in future. But I am against poor people who have 7-8 children when they can hardly manage to meet their needs. The government should make family planning compulsory for poor families. They should have a limit of 2 children. This will curb poverty to some extent. Middle class and Upper class people should be exempted from this rule as they can look after more children.
answered Aug 27 by Austin George (660 points)
selected Sep 1 by Motilal
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Good NewsMotilalji.

1.Large part of our country, shows diminishing number of toddlers.
2.Initially, (4-5 decades before) it was Tamil Nadu. Whereas in the subsequent decades, the phenomenon spread to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Tripura, Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
3.Governments have vision - but the responsibilty lies with the citizens.


I am reproducing the successful model of Tamil Nadu for population control which is well replicated by other states at a later time:

Tamil Nadu is known for many social reform movements. Special mention has to be made of reform movements led by leaders like Periyar (Ramasami Naicker) which made people to be conscious of responsible parenthood. Later when Periyar’s disciples became leaders and ministers, they took strong policy measures on the population front.

Mid-day meal Scheme
In Tamil Nadu, mid-day meal scheme was launched earlier and was a great success. This scheme improved school attendance and nutrition levels among the children. Additionally, many women were employed for cooking meals to the children. This scheme had huge impact on family planning programme as it improved credibility of the government and helped people to place faith in government’s small family norms.

Transport and Communication
In Tamil Nadu, towns and cities are evenly distributed. There also exists a good network of transportation. This has made access to education and health easy and efficient.

answered Aug 27 by solliadi (2,910 points)
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Only education can bring the changes the way we want and Government can only do things if people are educated. The good thing is that in metro cities people understand such thing and they think positively. There are still rural areas where people have so many misunderstanding about it so it will take time. I agree that the Government is not doing enough otherwise this is something Government can control.
answered Aug 28 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)

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