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AA Daily Photo Feature - 536

asked Aug 26 in Articles by longhands1 (84,355 points)

Our daily Photo Feature to brighten your Day. Keep enjoying and do give us your feedback through Comments. All these Photos are on the Net and if you have any Privacy Issues, send me a PM.

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4 Answers

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Wow, nice collection Admin. I think there must be upvotes for such articles for your hard work to be recognized.
answered Aug 27 by Coolcracker420 (1,330 points)
edited Aug 27 by longhands1
commented Aug 27 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
Thanks Coolcracker for your appreciation. Your Feedback is appreciation by itself.

We did have upvotes and downvotes earlier. Unfortunately, it was being misused to increase or decrease others points. Hence stopped.
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Last one is special. Great job Long Hands.....Keep it up.
answered Aug 27 by kingmyaqueen (2,380 points)
edited Aug 27 by longhands1
commented Aug 27 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
Thanks, kingmyaqueen.

We have a lot more planned. Keep watching. Enjoy.
commented Aug 28 by Motilal (8,030 points)
Glad to see open breasts after longtime.I want to grab and suck boobs of 1,6,7,8 and 12.
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Women of some African, South American and Polynesian tribes go bare breasted all the time.
answered Aug 27 by Austin George (660 points)
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Great work sirji
All pics are great and hot too
But last two pics are most hotter than other pics
You are doing great job Sirji keep your great work going on
answered Aug 28 by pavan350 (1,350 points)

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