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Fun Corner: See and Smile - 57

asked 6 days ago in Articles by longhands1 (83,745 points)

Your Favourite Fun Corner is here again. Smile but also pass on the Smile to others. Post this in your Groups on FB, Whatsapp etc.

Sometimes daily Scenes like this can bring a Smile to our Face.

commented 6 days ago by AmeetKumaar (150 points)
A ha ha ha...
Those were humongous...
Especially liked the “Believe in Yourself”.
Thanks for sharing.
commented 5 days ago by longhands1 (83,745 points)
Ammeet, Thanks for your Feedback. I see that you have just joined us. Do read all our past Posts and request your Friends too to join us.

I am convinced that our Site is unique, but is sometimes not appreciated as it is a FREE Site. We tend to value what we are forced to pay for and neglect what is free.

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1 Answer

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Thanks mate for sharing.

Especially the gujju , the Thailand one and the sandwich one.
answered 5 days ago by callover22 (430 points)
edited 5 days ago by longhands1
commented 5 days ago by longhands1 (83,745 points)

Thanks for commenting. It shows that you care about this Site.

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