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Why do Women in rural areas use their bra and blouse to keep their money?

asked Aug 11, 2018 in Questions by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)

Hello to all,

I have observed many ladies mostly in rural areas, put everything in their bra and blouse. Money is the major thing which they keep in it, as may be they feel that it will the safest place to keep. Some of them, when you give them the money, don't even hesiatate to pull out their blouse and insert their whole hand in the bra infront of you and take out the money from their bank and give it to you. 

Apart from money, some times I am amazed to see that money is not the only thing which they keep in their personal locker. Some of them treat their bra and blouse like its a cupboard to keep things like medicines, Gutkha and mobile phones. Once, I laughed a lot when I saw a woman at a mobile repairing shop and she took out her mobile from the bra and the amazing thing was that she was also having the charger in her bra. I think the bigger the size of boobs, there is more space to keep the things inside it.

Some questions arise in my mind. What is this concept to keep money and things in the bra and blouse? Why they don't carry a purse or a bag to keep the things in it like mostly girls and ladies are doing?

Don't they feel shy when they put their hand inside the bra in front of public and men around?

Doesnt it feel awkward to hand over the money taken out from there which is already wet in sweat and how did the person feel when they have no option left to take that note in their hand?

Kindly share your opinion and views on it also i am looking for if someone have face this kinda experience. Please share.

Thanks in advance.

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5 Answers

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Hi BH,

     Your question reminded me of the song "Choli ke peeche kya hai"...Hehe.. Now coming to the answer, the most genuine reason that I could think of is that sarees don't have pockets and also women of rural areas won't like to carry fancy handbags/purses where they could put all these things. Also fancy handbags are quite expensive to afford for ladies who struggle to make two ends meet in their families.

So the only safe place left to keep purse or valuable things is in the blouse because that way they could keep their hands free and noone would ever dare to steal the money from there. Forget about stealing, noone would ever try to see. I agree that some women are really bindaas and they don't feel any shyness or awkwardness to take the money from out there but I feel they take it out in a rather decent way that nothing is visible for the people around. Mostly women keep the money in a mini purse so it won't be sweaty. Sweat would be avoided if it's kept in the blouse because the bra would provide an extra cushion from the sweat. Hence women would prefer to keep it in the blouse and not bra because taking it out from the bra would rather be an awkward process than easily taking it out from the blouse.

Also I feel that our breasts are sexualized to some extent. It's a fact that atleast some years ago in rural areas, women bathed in public lakes without covering their breasts and didn't even shy from breastfeeding their kids in public places and the men will be so decent that they repect women's privacy and never even tend to look at them.

answered Aug 12, 2018 by Vedika (700 points)
commented Aug 14, 2018 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
Thanx Vedika for the ans, same like saree the salwar kameez also dont have pockets but they keep some kinda small purse type with them. many of them keep purses which are very cheap.
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Because it is closer to their chest, hearts. Even many men in rural and urban areas,instead of keeping money in wallets, keep the money in shirt pockets, closer to their chest and heart.
answered Aug 12, 2018 by solliadi (5,075 points)
commented Aug 14, 2018 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
thnx buddy for your answer
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It's more of a mixed emotions to them. The old practice of saving things in the blouse is of keeping things away from getting theft/robbed. No men/women would dare to put hands into another women's bra/blouse to rob. Even before they try to rob they'll be caught and beaten for molestation.

They do carry but that has to exceed the quantity that they can't carry with free hands. People understand why do they do this, and ignore the awkward part and take the money.

I've seen people keeping their mobile and money in bra, while going in a bus.
answered Aug 12, 2018 by msd183 (435 points)
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Urban women are fashionable and carry handbags. Can't expect the same of women from rural and low income families, who don't have much fashion sense. Women who wear saree and salwar kameez have no pockets and hence they use their bra or blouse as pockets. It is amazing to hear that women keep even medicines and mobile charges inside their bra. Hahaha

Mostly aunties and old women use their blouse as pockets. I haven't seen any young girl doing this. Recently I went to the market to buy bananas and the woman in charge who is middle aged, took out money from her blouse to give change. This is quite normal and I don't feel any awkwardness. Neither do the women feel any awkwardness. Maybe if a young girl did this, I might feel awkward. No issues with mature women doing it. Even if it's sweaty inside the blouse, it's not as if they are profusely sweating and the currency notes are soaked to the point of tearing.

Some women tuck their handkerchiefs on their saree in the belly area. I have seen some tuck in keychains too onto their saree. My friend says that she hides things in her bra when dealing with her pesky nephew and niece who are small kids. You know small kids demand something and in order to hide that 'something', she uses her bra. Very hand for girls and women.
answered Aug 12, 2018 by Austin George (1,800 points)
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Money should not be kept within bra, as it is one of the most unhygienic objects. If you think a bit you can very easily understand why this is being identified as this much unhygienic. Now, a lady's breast is intimately felt by her husband and, more importantly, source of food for her baby. In every cases, this may cause serious trouble. So, ladies should be aware of not keeping money there.

Now, about the concept behind it, this can be found that this is a shortcoming of culture of this area: patriarchy can be blamed for it. How? Women are not thought and taken as earning sources. So, the real ruling ideology of this society, patriarchy, does not direct us to let women have pockets in their dresses. This is a tool to dominate or underestimate women. And, women willing to lead their lives in conformity with patriarchal desires, as they, in many cases, do not want to fight, take the task of keeping money within bra as a natural option without feeling any complexity (of course, there remains someone who feels uneasy due to this practice).

However, you may argue days are changing and have changed a lot. That is right. Almost all the girls, nowadays, have pockets in their pants or salowars; or they carry purse. So, why don't the rural ladies get changed??? You know that it takes time to change practices at rural areas. Again, this happens due to strong control of patriarchy there.
answered Aug 19, 2018 by amidekhi (305 points)

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