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How to seduce my MAID?

asked Aug 10 in Questions by Karthikp1990 (195 points)
edited Aug 11 by longhands1

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to seduce my maid. She is around 35 years old and has a good physique. I have been moving around the house wearing tight boxers. She has discussed her past life with me and she has got the second marriage due to wife and husband fight and all....

Please guide me how to take this forward.

Thank you.

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5 Answers

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Try to know about her issues more and more when no one is around the house and you both are alone so she will get close to you thinking you have sympathy for her. Give her compliment and help her in anyway to get her close to you and when you feel that the right time comes show your intention to have sex with her. If you approach her in a right way and take enough time to get her ready then I am sure you can have sex with her and she will be happy to take your penis in her vagina.
answered Aug 12 by alpesh kapdi (25,995 points)
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Keep praising her try give compliments try to make Physical contact as much as possible and share you desire that you are missung sex and all when correct time comes and you will succeed.
answered 6 days ago by myselfarun (1,685 points)
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She is friendly with you. There is no confusion like your approach towards your college girlfriend or your MIL. You may ask her directly whether she has any interest in you and move forward.
answered 6 days ago by solliadi (2,645 points)
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Few months ago your wife delivered a child. Normally you should remain loyal to her. Is your wife not able to satisfy you or are you in search of another not clear to me.

In spite of this I may suggest you few tips to seduce the maid servant: Praise her and talk about her family life.....scan her whole body with your her your erect penis without removing your it in front of her....give her semen stained underwear for washing....give some gifts or extra pocket money.

Proceed slowly with caution.Try to kiss and hug her.Continue this for few days.....then embrace and suck and fondle her breasts etc.
answered 6 days ago by Motilal (7,740 points)
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Stay away from maids. They can cause a lot of trouble to you. Also they may try to blackmail you in the future. You are not heading in a good path.
answered 6 days ago by Asanka (470 points)

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