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I dreamt of a Girl Kissing on my hand. What is the meaning of this Dream?

asked Aug 9 in Questions by Noeldas23 (120 points)


Today morning at around 7 am, I had a dream. I clearly remember every detail of the dream. In the dream I saw myself finishing my last Semester exam. While going home, I saw that I was walking around my college and saw my classmate whom I know very well. Her name starts with D. I asked her "How was the last exam of your life and are you going to remember me after leaving the college?"

She answerd, "yes my last exam went well and I will remember you ".  Then she caught my hand and kissed the right closed palm of my hand.

So I asked "why did you kiss my hand?"

She answered- "I like really like you very much and before leaving college, I really wanted to tell you and come to your life".

I am a person who looks more than average with fair look not very much handsome with little bit fat and healthy. I asked her do you really like me and started loving me ? I really cant believe myself .

She said that she started liking me for quite a few months and started loving me.

So, my question is: How can I be liked by somebody because I have never been liked by beautiful girls. She said that she likes me the way I am. She liked my heart more not my looks.

So after that i asked her ,that can i touch her hands as because i never touched or felt any girls she nodded her head and touched her hand and her hands were very soft and kissed her hand and after that i hugged her very tightly and i said her that i also like you and love u too.

After that i saw myself ,with my lover, hand in hand and walking together and talking with her and took her with to a park and we were hugging each other and i was expressing my feelings not any lustfully but talking with her.,looking into her eyes and playing with her hair ,caressing her chicks,tickling her her palms .the way a guy can love a girl not sexually ,but emotionally and i think it is very much impt.i saw myself doing what i had my feelings.

I remember 95% of which i told and the girl i knew very much in the dream but not i really know her and many things in this ,i saw had remembered.and i saw this dream on moring of 9-08-18 at after 6-7 am .

So my question is that can this be relatable my actual reality and be fortune or misfortune for my future and can this be the sign that i am going to meet with my dream girl whom i would love and marry her ? I once few days or a month saw dream in which i came close to any girl and she talked with me (stranger) felt some thing that she got attracted with me and she even touched my hands by accident as we were going on an auto together side by side.

Why i am seeing these tyoe of dream and i now remember each and every part of the dream which i not used to do it ? Is it some signs ?? Please tell by answering and commenting.please write appropriately and if you know then only answer because its a serious question and getting worried.

 About myself-I am Noel Das ,i had recently completed my graduation on BCA and gave my last exam on june and got placed in tcs and going to join in few days and my age is 24.

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6 Answers

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It means nothing ! I too dreamt of making out once with Penelope Cruz and once with Paris Hilton, I am yet to see both of them face to face.
answered Aug 10 by gr8gaur (2,560 points)
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The meaning of the dream is that you are longing for this girl for last three years. It is n indication that you spelt out your desires to that girl, before you join TCS or else you may or may not get a chance to meet her in your life.
answered Aug 10 by solliadi (3,165 points)
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The dream which saw was "LUCID DREAM"(LD).In LD the person who is dreaming will feels this dream as reality he/she will experencience hysper reality means he/she could feel the touch,pain,happy etc etc and all the emotions.Even he/she is dreaming he/she will not relealize that he/she is dreaming at the first or second times of thier experince.LD is a dream which is controolled the by dreamer means it is just looking a beautiful movie.Alsmost 80% of the people arround the golbe experince Lucid Dream but some are not aware of it.Dream happens in REM(Rapid Eye Moment) sleep which is between nearly morning hours 4-9 am.

There is no chances that dreams will turn into reality.In fact usually dreams we see are actually what we do in our day to day life daily from the past experince.Come out in reality and tells your feelings to her.Respect her decision.If yes then it is nice if no then move on.

Have a great day ahead..
answered Aug 10 by wassekaran (780 points)
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It's just a dream baby. Don't relate with your future in my teen age I dreamed of fucking Bollywood heroines and when my juice comes out than i woke up and find my self in bed. Just dont think too much of a dream.
answered Aug 11 by rahulsngh (890 points)
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I am not a psychologist to interpret your dream.Your mind is enveloped
with sexual thoughts.This is after effect of your sub conscious mind.Curb your fantasy.Controlled masturbation will remove your stress and strain.Utilise the opportunity when a girl kisses your hand.
answered Aug 11 by Motilal (8,255 points)
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first of all, subah ke sapne sach hote hai. biggest lie of all time.

moving on, you have crush on that girl, you really like that girl, but you think that she will reject you because you are not handsome and don't  have good body etc.

well if you really like that girl just go and tell her that you like her and all. she may say yes or no. if she say no, don't cry on that for your rest of your life. just move on.

in relationship looks, good body, having good money isn't matter.

I hope you understand my point and have any doubts then ask me here, and please keep us updated
answered Aug 12 by Harsh.03 (1,030 points)

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