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Kamasutra Corner: Pictures 4

asked Aug 9 in Articles by longhands1 (85,850 points)

Kamasutra Corner: Pictures 4

Our Kamasutra Corner, normally features Articles. Today we bring you some Pictures.



commented Aug 10 by Vedika (510 points)
Hi LH,

    First of all let me thank you for all the posts. It's quite insightful. I feel that Kamasutra sex positions are really complex and is quite uncommon in real life practice. Couples should be really flexible and acrobatic to perform these positions; Hehe....
commented Aug 10 by wassekaran (780 points)
Nice sexy pics with beautful positions.
commented Aug 14 by kapilh (1,240 points)
its very interesting and wonderful positions......3 some and 4 some were common on those days also.
commented Aug 15 by sheetal69 (765 points)
Hi Vedica, i dont think Kamasutra position are that much difficult.  i think the painting are not anatomically correct. if you see the position and try it, it can be done.
I and my husband tried most of them.

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2 Answers

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I like these Kamasutra paintings. Eroticism at it's best!

Btw, why are the men wearing anklets in some of these pictures? Haha
answered Aug 12 by Austin George (830 points)
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very interesting thing about Kamasutra is the open / outdoor scene where they are doing sex.
i love the open sex. we have a old haveli in our hometown; there we see the "ra-nivas"  the place where old people do sex and romance.

and funny thing was in my life that my brother bought book of kamasutra; and we both used to read it.
answered Aug 15 by sheetal69 (765 points)

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