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Is it common for men to get random boners even at public places?

asked Aug 8 in Questions by Vedika (415 points)
Hi AA members,

This is Vedika and first of all thank you everyone for all the opinions on my questions. So this is more of a curiosity question on erections. Is it true that men experience random boners/erections even without any sexual stimulation. I read that it's quite a common phenomenon among men but I have never heard about any real life incidents yet.

So guys, share your real life boner experiences if any and women have you ever been witness to any such experiences in real life.

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10 Answers

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Best answer
Hahaha.. Yes. Its true..this reminds me of a time when I was a college student.. I was sitting on front row.. and I had a hard on without any sexual stimulation and then our professor said to switch on the fan.

I was on front seat so he expected me to switch on the switch. I tried my best to avoid the situation but I had to go in front of my whole class with 50% girls in class. I was wearing a formal pant and the bulge can be seen easily.

Girls were smiling and guys were saying SAHI HI BETA...hahaha
answered Aug 9 by IGNACIO (445 points)
selected 1 day ago by Vedika
commented Aug 10 by Vedika (415 points)
Hi Ignacio,

       That's quite funny. It would have been so embarassing for you especially in front of girls. I think if you wear shirts without tucking in would help in such a situation because that would provide an extra layer over the pants for hiding it. Isn't it?
commented 13 hours ago by Austin George (445 points)
I would have fainted if girls saw my erection in public. But such a situation has never happened in my life.
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This is quite normal and all the men do have experience of this thing. Men do not need any special situation to get erection as for men this works differently unlike women as women need romantic and special situation to get aroused but for men it is common to get erection anywhere. Yesterday I was travelling and I got erection for no reason and one lady who sits beside me easily noticed it and even giggled to indicate that she is noticing it.
answered Aug 9 by alpesh kapdi (26,020 points)
commented Aug 10 by Vedika (415 points)
Hi Alpesh,
    Thank you for commenting. And we women are at an advantage anatomically in the case of sexual arousal. Noone will be able to notice if we are sexually aroused or not. To be honest, we couldn't control our laugh if we notice a boner, because that looks funny and it's not that we are making fun of it. Hope you understand.
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Depend on person to person and situation going through we get a boner, many times i get a boner in public and working place but i adjust my dick so that is bone will hide.

One incident happened to me. I was talking to my GF and having some hot talk i got a boner, one of my cousin's wife was there and she looked down at my pants. I don't know why she get her eyes there when i notice her i eyes i realize that i am having a boner and she is noticing it.

I changed my place and adjusted my boner and continued my conversation with my gf.
answered Aug 9 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
commented Aug 10 by Vedika (415 points)
   Thank you for commenting. But would adjusting the penis help in such a situation? I would be thinking sometimes as to how guys will manage in such an awkward situation.
commented Aug 11 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
welcome Dear, there is no option left to us to adjust it that condition coz it doesnt suits to show the boner to the ladies as many of them dont like and some like it, we have to take care of ladies. we just move from that place or person.
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Men are alway's men as said by some1 we get erection's on any female & any situation!!!!!!
answered Aug 9 by ramku19 (220 points)
commented Aug 10 by Vedika (415 points)
Hi Ramku,
      Thank you for commenting on my question. We shouldnt blame men for such a mindset, i think that such feelings of men are natutal and are okay to an extent. If they have harmless sexual feelings towards a women then that's fine, it's only when they try to fulfill it forcibly and make the women feel awkward about it, then it becomes a huge problem and an offence.
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It's quite common every men mostly experience this several times but  sometimes it makes  us uncomfortable because it's comes in wrong place and wrong time we feel ashamed at that moment and say to ourselves why did it happen now
answered Aug 9 by pavan350 (1,280 points)
commented Aug 10 by Vedika (415 points)
Hi Pavan,

       Thank you for your comments. I can understand it's a huge embarassment but it would have been nice if you people would have been able to control it especially at places where you don't want it to happen. The reason why I asked this question is I read once that it's quite common among men and also I have noticed quite a number of instances of this and this ignited my curiosity as to if all men experience this in their lifetime.
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I will narrate three stories in this connection.   

First: Once while sitting on a bus seat far from a window, I felt the touch of a unknown persons boner on my left elbow.I didn't remove my elbow...he continued to rub his boner on my elbow.                           

Second: I went to a cinema hall in a town in Odisha for a night show.The hall was almost empty.I was on back side row. The person sitting with me shook his hand with me and gave his boner in my hand....pressed his boner with my hand. He released my boner from my pant and gave his mouth.  

Third: Traveling in a full crowded local train with portfolio bag in my boner was touching the buttocks of a plump lady...I wanted to detach myself...but she came more closer to me and gave few pushes on boner.
answered Aug 9 by Motilal (7,755 points)
commented Aug 10 by Vedika (415 points)
Thank you Motilal for the answer. You have quite a number of incidents on this topic.
I didn't understand the  second story though.
The incident that you narrated in the third one is quite common in crowded public transports. Though you tried to detach yourself but there are many men who intentionally shove their parts onto the women's buttocks and sometimes we are really helpless in such situations because of the lack of free space inside.
commented Aug 12 by Motilal (7,755 points)
Second story is real.There is no adulteration.I am  bisexual but love female more.
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Hello Vedika :)
As usual shall we keep it straight forward ?
Is it true that men experience random boners/erections even without any sexual stimulation?
No sensation (or erection) can arise in the body without a signal from mind (through the brain and spinal cord). But sometimes the process is so suttle (or soft) in the sub-conscious mind that we are unable to grasp it at the conscious level.

Example : If I wake you up at 2 in the night and hand over a pen, you naturally take it from the same right or left hand you are used to writing. You don't think about it, but the signal from the sub-conscious mind is very suttle.

So, we get erection because of some sensual thought, or a sensual sight, past or present or with an imagination that happens from the store house of our brain. Do we call it random? I shall call it 'randomly intentional.'

As the saying goes, nothing happens without a reason. NOT EVEN AN ERECTION.

Happy Erecti-fi-ying

aru verma
answered Aug 10 by aruverma (345 points)
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Yeah Random boner occurs with me also but with some reason. In my mind something erotic thinking occurs thats result in boner.
answered Aug 11 by rahulsngh (825 points)
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Hi Vedika,

yes its true i get these sometimes when i am working in office and i have to adjust myself as my junior who is a female sit very close to me it makes situation awkward sometimes.
answered Aug 11 by myselfarun (1,730 points)
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Vedika, you have already selected the best answer but nevertheless I want to share what I know.

Yes, men get boners without any sexual stimulation. It's more common among teenagers and young adults. When they reach their 40s, even then they get boners without sexual stimulation but less often. It's due to testosterone hormone and is more active among the youth.

Erection without sexual stimulation is very normal and a sign of a healthy male. These type of erections happen bcoz of increase in levels of testosterone hormone in the body. The testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. It's usually less during the daytime and is at it's peak level during sleep. Men have 3-5 nocturnal erections while sleeping at night. It's very common for men to have morning erection as soon as they wake up too.

During other times of the day, men can have erection without sexual stimulation for various reasons. Men can have a random erection out of the blue just bcoz their penis is in contact with their clothing in such a way that it gets rubbed on. The brain reacts to this external stimulus and an erection is induced, whether the stimulus is sexual or non sexual in nature. Men can also have a random erection when they are tense. There are numerous other reasons for a random erection and it's a bit hard to zero in on the exact reason in some cases.

Now, let me talk about myself. Every morning when I wake up, my penis is erect. I must be having 3-5 erections while I am asleep as well which I am oblivious to since I am in deep sleep. Maybe you can check out your hubby's dick when he is asleep. Hehehe. When I am tense, like for example during an exam or interview or any uncomfortable situation, my penis becomes semi erect. Maybe it's bcoz testosterone level increases during tense situations. When the climate is cold during rainy seasons or when I shower in cold water, my penis becomes either erect or semi erect. Possible reason could be that the coldness acts as a non sexual stimulus to the penis. My penis becomes semi erect or fully erect when I hold back a lot of urine and I feel the exigency to relieve myself soon.

When I get an erection in public, the bulge in my crotch is not that prominent. I wear a tight underwear, but not so tight that it feels uncomfortable. So when my penis becomes erect, the underwear holds it in place in vertical position. The penis is unable to come to a horizontal position. So the bulge is not prominent. I don't wear very loose pyjamas or bermudas. So I am sorry to disappoint you, I have never had an awkward moment in public.

I want to add one more thing. When I get erection without sexual stimulation, I don't feel like masturbating and I never do. But when I get erection via sexual stimulation, I feel the desire to masturbate and ejaculate semen. Also when I have an erection, it's difficult to pass urine. If I try hard it passes out slowly. This is actually a good thing for men and women, otherwise the man will urinate inside the vagina during intercourse. Lol
answered 13 hours ago by Austin George (445 points)

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