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I want to start a relationship with my mother-in-law. How to begin?

asked Aug 7, 2018 in Questions by LOVERBOY86 (120 points)
edited Aug 8, 2018 by longhands1


I am Dipendra, 29 years from UP. I live with my wife and a daughter. My wife is 2 years younger than me. I look after my business and my wife is a lecturer. We have been married for 6 years. We are blessed with a girl. We are happy with each other.

But there is a twist in the story. My mother-in-law is a widow and she used to live with my wife's youngr sister's family in Delhi. But after they moved to US she has started living with us. Its been more than 1 month. She is in her late 40s (may be 47 or 48).

I am attracted towards her. I want to make love with her. Should I make a move? Or just let it go?

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4 Answers

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Hi Dipendra

The answer to your question much to your dismay is to LET IT GO ! See, we all want to act on our fantasies and  wishes but not every fantasy or wish turns out to be fruitful in the long term. You might have figured out all the pleasures you'd derive by bedding your mother in law (MIL), but lets consider the side effects of your fantasy.

There will be two scenarios in this case.


1. Your mother in law will think of you as creep, lowlife and might walk out of the house.
2. She would tell her daughter (your wife) and you lose both of them forever, worse you lose respect in their eyes.
3. Worst case, she might complaint. though chances are less cause its the matter of her daughter's life.


1. You'll  be cheating your wife. Does she deserve it ? Don't you love and respect your wife?
2. Worse, you'll cheat on her with her mother. Its like she cheating on you with your father or your brother, how will you feel if she (your wife) does that ?
3. If she discovers it, she'll be heartbroken and this will do irreparable damage to her heart that not only her husband but her mother deceived her too.
4. She might submit not because of your charm but for the sake of her daughter's well being, she might think you'd harass your wife if she (your MIL) doesn't comply (sort of a blackmail).

If your MIL feels attracted to you, then its a different case, and even then you should restrain yourself. Why wreck your life just because of a momentarily attraction or lust ????
answered Aug 8, 2018 by gr8gaur (3,190 points)
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If you want to destroy your happy married life just to have sex with her then you can go ahead. There are chances that she may get ready to have sex with you as she must be craving for the sex and when she would find a man she may not be able to stay away from it.

If you have sex with her then no matter how both try to hide it from your wife one day she will come to know about it as such thing no one can hide it for the life time so if you are ready to take that risk then go ahead. I would say be loyal to your wife and make sure that you control yourself. Don’t you think that your wife deserves a loyal husband?
answered Aug 9, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (28,795 points)
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a relationship is begins when both of the persons are interested to do that but here in your condition only you are interested. if she also feels for you the same you are feeling for her she will also take a step and its your choice to naotice her activities and behaviour towards you that she also want to have a realtionship to you.
answered Aug 9, 2018 by Beauty Hunter (1,290 points)
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If you are happy in your married life why are trying to do such things which will cause you severe problem in future and you may loose your wife permanently

Your mother in law may agree and allow you to have sexual relationship with her but how will you hide this From your wife and how will she react if she comes to know your relationship with her mother so it's better you don't try to do such horrible things if you want to save your married life
answered Aug 9, 2018 by pavan350 (1,645 points)