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Is it possible to have perfectly normal children born from incest unions?

asked Aug 5 in Questions by $Rahul$ (255 points)

I am 30 and my younger sister is 25. She's really hot looking, completely fair with waist length long pitch black hair. Both of us are very possessive of each other. She got very angry when she came to know that I used to fuck my office receptionist and once even threatened to disclose it to our parents if I didn't stop it immediately. I was a virgin until two years ago but ever since I got involved with the receptionist in my office my sex life has literally exploded.

Anyways, both of us are not married and we really don't even know if we will ever marry for personal reasons. We are both in a physical relationship since past almost 2 years. We usually have sex late night after everyone's asleep. Our parents are quite old and were not bothered for either of our marriages.

My sister and I usually talk in the night after our parents go off to sleep.  It all started when once she told me she wanted some one to fulfill her sexual urges and even I told her I too wanted a woman to have sex with frequently in the night after a hard day's work in office.

After a few weeks like that we realized she had "something" which I needed and I had "something" which she needed. So we finally decided to fuck each other to fulfill our appetite for sex. Now it's been almost 2 years since we started this. Our relationship is no more like a older brother-younger sister but that of a husband-wife. We often kiss and say "I love you" to each other just like husband-wife. Infront of everyone she calls me bhaiya but when we are alone she calls me by my name. Even while tying a Rakhi she winks and gives a naughty smile indicating that she wants a good fuck apart from the usual stuff.  I must admit the sex is extremely pleasurable.

However once she asked me what will become of us after our parents and I was speechless. She told me after all this she doesn't want to marry anyone and wants to be with me only. Our relationship has become really physical as well as emotional. Even I think she is my wife rather than my younger sister. We both know what we have done and it's morally incorrect. I told her I do want to marry and want children of my own in the future and she said she also wants to marry and have children but she wants to marry only me.

On her insisting we once went to a gynecologist for my semen analysis and also her checkup and both my sperm and her eggs are healthy.

I know since we are direct siblings having kids using her egg and my sperm will be very risky because of genetic defects.

But I have read on the internet that children born of union between blood siblings do come perfectly normal if the parents are completely healthy and normal. In my case both me and my younger sister are perfectly healthy and normal with no history of defects.

Should we continue with it since both of us know we won't marry anyone in future or should we stop?

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8 Answers

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There is no guarantee that children would be perfectly normal even though you both are healthy. Moreover, it is not an easy thing for you to marry her as no one will accept this union and you both have to face a lot of embarrassment from the society so drop the idea of marrying her.

If you want to continue with her then you can have sex with her as long as you both enjoy but marriage is out of the question so refrain yourself from getting married to her. If you think that you both are emotionally getting involved into each other then it is time for you both to stop having sex with each other. You cannot break this brother sister relationship with her to get married to her so see the reality and think practically.

You both want to get married because you both are emotional for each other but when the reality hits you guys you both would come to know that it is not going to happen no matter what you both do.
answered Aug 6 by alpesh kapdi (26,020 points)
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There are many kind of issues a child born out of incest faces, you can study on the internet and then decide for yourself.

But one thing to consider before taking this massive step is ARE YOU BOTH REALLY SERIOUS FOR EACH OTHER? ARE YOU SURE NEITHER OF YOU WILL FALL FOR AN OUTSIDER? You sound very confusing and sort of contradict yourself.

The first line of the 2nd para of your question says 'you both don't know if you' ll ever marry for personal reasons '. Then below in the 5th para you say ypur sister wants only you and you want children of your own, but judging by your question it seems you want children with your sister and want her to be with you forever like a couple. SO WHICH ONE IS IT????? Are you sure of each other or is it just your sister while you're open to marry someone else? Clear that first and then proceed further.

To marry each other or to live together forever, you both either have to leave your parents or wait for them to leave mother earth (sorry if I sound insensitive) so that you can run away to a place where nobody knows you and you can carry on like husband and wife.
answered Aug 6 by gr8gaur (2,315 points)
commented Aug 6 by $Rahul$ (255 points)
Hi, when I say "we both don't know if you' ll ever marry for personal reasons" it means our parents aren't searching for any prospective brides for me or grooms for her. She's very very fanatically possessive of me and doesn't like it when I talk about other women. After all that we have been through I do want her to be the mother of my children. Even she said she wants to be impregnated by me only and no one else. That's why we went to a gynecologist to test our selves.
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Rahul,you both are adults and what you both are doing with consent is no business of others.
This topic had been discussed many times on this site.
If you will take some pain and search older posts you will get very nice answers and proper insights
  Especially one of our editors Salma had given many answers in this regard.
So please refer to those posts.
answered Aug 6 by prashant69 (7,135 points)
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I would rather suggest  you guys to relocate some distance  place and keep no contact with anyone  u know after the time of urgency parents. I am just trying speaking  out my heart  and don't know whether  this  is possible  or not.
Real  love is a very  hard  commodity  to find now a days. Even the majority  of questions  in this platform  is basically  related  to extra marital things one way  or the other.
So if u consider her  a gem  and  u guys both find  it hard  to get  separated,  stay  United.
 I think the only possible  idea in your case is the one I suggested  if there is a any
answered Aug 6 by agru (390 points)
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It's better to adop some child. There is uncertainty if you impregnat your sis. The born child will be either normal or with syndrome no one knows. So why take chances go for adoption bro.
answered Aug 7 by rahulsngh (825 points)
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First concern i guess is regarding children,Look you can do the marriage but first check if you or your sister have defective recessive genes for that matter read the link i provide you.

Second is societal pressure for this you have keep yourself out of reach of your family members cause that might be problematic and also it is not legal to marry sister, so to avoid father complication you have to change your name  and data, it will be helpful if you are self employed..
answered Aug 7 by callover22 (430 points)
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Yes!!! The chances of having deformed children from incest unions are rare. It's like 2% chance. People often exaggerate it since it's a taboo in society and try to instill fear. You can read on the net. 98% chance that you will have normal children.
answered Aug 7 by Austin George (445 points)
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This is your foolishness to have a relation with your own Sister,that another mistake you are trying to do,in Indian culture & also by law you can not do marriage with even your own Sister but with cousins too.
As per Hindu law this marriage will not be valid
So better for both of you to do it separately with out sider partners.
Till now you can continue
answered Aug 9 by S Saxena (125 points)

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