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I pushed back my foreskin. Is it safe?

asked Jul 31, 2018 in Questions by Black Knight (140 points)
edited Aug 4, 2018 by longhands1

Hi there,

Before today, I had a natural penis. But my friends always used to tell me that I need to fix it. Means, I need to remove my foreskin or it will ruin my sex life. They told me to masturbate for it. But when I searched on internet, I came to know that foreskin can't be removed my masturbation. Now this is what happened today.

In the noon, I was masturbating. In a hope that regular masturbation will loosen my foreskin as my friends told me, I masturbated for around 20 minutes. I was pulling my foreskin back and I could see a bit what was there inside. And I kept pulling foreskin back and back. It was not paining me so I continued it.

And then my foreskin started to move back and my penis came into shape of a circumcised penis. I saw some Indian penises, in which there was only a round cut over penis. I thought it would become in that shape. But it came into circumcised shape.

Its not hurting me at all. Ya its a little bit red and blue in colour. May be because it came into this shape for the first time or its the natural colour. But I have a few questions.

1) When I did it, I thought to clean it. There was no bleeding. But still its good to wash it with water. I though to boil some wather because generally cleaning of any thing is done with hot wather. When I was cleaning it with hot water, which was not much hot, it was hurting me so I cleaned it with cold water. Was is any kind of negative signal?

2) I am not comfortable with its new shape. I am not doing any kind of test with it. Like masturbation because it is the first day and it would be better if I let it free. Am I doing right?

3) When I get any kind of erection, it hurts me a bit specially at the head. Is everything fine?

4) Whatever I did, is it right or wrong?

Am waiting for your answers. Please answer me.

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4 Answers

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You did nothing wrong so do not be upset over it. This will get in order with time so give it same time. Start using to wash it with warmth water but do it gradually. You feel this way because it is a new thing for you but there is no need to analyze anything and you will be fine. The good thing is that without any kind of operation you got circumcised penis.
answered Aug 1, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (28,520 points)
commented Aug 2, 2018 by Black Knight (140 points)
Actually first when it happened, means my foreskin went back and penis head came out, I thought this is what has to be done.

But later, I started to feel that I did wrong and it should not be like this. Then I started searching on the Net about it. I came to know why there is ring of skin behind the head. Actually my foreskin was stuck there.

So I immediately visited doctor and he pulled it up again. He told me that if I had pulled it up at the same time I wouldn't have to face this problem. In future if you do it, pull it up again.

Now still I want to ask something. But before that I would like to tell you again that I masturbated in this way for the 1st time. First time my foreskin went back. But now I think everything is fine.

Because earlier, my foreskin was locked and I couldn't see anything inside it. But since doctor pulled it up again, the foreskin is in round shape. I think it can easily move back now. But I have not tried anything yet. Because there it is a bit swollen there and I must give it some time to recover it.

So my question is: Is everything fine? If I again try to pull back my foreskin, will it get stuck again or not? What do you think? Would you like to advise me anything regarding this?
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I could not follow your point.You pushed back your foreskin.That is a momentary phase.I have observed that during stroking of penis foreskin moves up and down during masturbation and same thing also happen during sexual intercourse.Please clear my doubts.I have not removed my foreskin,there is no problem at all.What you need to fix...I think advise given by your friend is not good.
answered Aug 1, 2018 by Motilal (9,330 points)
commented Aug 2, 2018 by Black Knight (140 points)
Yes, I also think the same. My elder brother told me that your friends advised you wrong.
Actually I never masturbated & that's why my foreskin was not loose to move up & down. So that's why I tried it. My foreskin was tight & it was not able to move up & down easily. Did you understand my question now?
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Black Knight

Good to know your progress. But it is taking more than 8-10 months to self learn tool maintenance I.E You have asked your first question in Sep2017.
answered Aug 1, 2018 by solliadi (4,200 points)
commented Aug 2, 2018 by Black Knight (140 points)
This is because after that time(Sep 2017) I tried it now.
Because earlier I thought that I don't want to listen my friends & I will leave it on time so I didn't try anything. But day before yesterday I tried it & I fell into this problem.
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This is normal. It happened to me when I was a teenager. It may hurt a bit at the beginning. But you ll be fine after, and there is nothing wrong with it.
answered Aug 1, 2018 by Asanka (750 points)
commented Aug 2, 2018 by Black Knight (140 points)
What happened to you exactly? Can you tell me please?

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