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My first time Sex with a Mature Woman. Have some doubts. Please help.

asked 4 days ago in Questions by Santosh95 (120 points)


I am Santosh, 23 years old. Since past 3 months, I am having sex with a lady I met on Facebook who lives in the same city as mine. She is divorced and 35 years old. I have three questions regarding this...

1. I am beginner in sex and she is the one with whom I had sex for the first time. At the beginning, I followed her instructions and after sometime when I tried to make my own moves she says do like that and like this and she says you will learn lot by following my instructions. She is gorgeous and sexy that makes me obey her instructions and I love it too. How can I convince her to try my own moves?

2. After having sex I feel sleepy. Is this normal?

3. Some times I penetrate her for 4 to 5 times a day. Is this harmful for my health ? And how can I control this sexual urge?

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3 Answers

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You need to talk to her that you want to take the control of the act as you learned things a lot so ask her to allow you to do it on your own and see her reactions. It sounds that she wants to dominate you and she loves to make you follow her instructions.

If you are enjoying with her and she makes you satisfied then there is nothing wrong in doing what she wants you to do otherwise there are chances that you will lose the vagina which you got luckily.
You can talk to her and hope that she will understand and if she does not then you are left with no option. If you are ready to leave her then you can talk to her that if she does not allow you to do what you want then you are done with her but I am sure you do not want to leave her so follow her instructions and enjoy it.
Most of the men do feel sleepy after having sex so it is normal and there is nothing to worry.

You can penetrate as many times as you want as that is not harmful so if you both want to have sex 4 to 5 times in a day then you both can do it. This is a new and exciting thing for you so you would want to have sex so many times in a day but with time when you will get used to it, you will feel normal and will not crave to have sex more two times in day but as of now enjoy your time with her.

Here I would say you have nothing to worry and you should consider yourself a lucky man that you got a mature woman to have sex who is willing to have sex with you 5 time s in a day.
answered 4 days ago by alpesh kapdi (25,440 points)
commented 3 days ago by Santosh95 (120 points)
Thank you for your reply.... I don't want to leave her so I will follow my lady in bed
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consider yourself a lucky guy to loose your virginity to a matured and experienced one,  Just enjoy the time with her. Learn and enjoy the art of making love to a woman. Tell her what kind of things you like to do. I am sure she will understand you and let you do. As far as falling sleepy after sex is normal no need to worry.
You are very young and there is no harm in having penetrative sex 4 to 5 times a day.  How long you will have penetrative sex like 5 to 10min session each time then it should be fine.
If you dont want to have penetrative sex, have oral sex.
answered 4 days ago by josephRocks (105 points)
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Hi Santosh

Wait you are in hurry just enjoy the session slowly when she became addict to you then you can control her in every manner. Initially you are too much hungry and she is taking advantage for that she knows very well about young boy and controlling you as her wish. If you want to control her they obey her rules when she called avoid something let her hungry and tell you want something else definitely she will allow you.

4 or 5 times sex in a day not harmful if your body allow just enjoy the session make her **** used her all parts, squeeze her badly.

Best of luck
answered 2 days ago by kingmyaqueen (1,995 points)

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