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I had unprotected sex with my Girlfriend. I have HIV. She does not. Why?

asked Jun 22, 2018 in Questions by Avaz5190 (120 points)


I am 28 years old. I had very happy sexual relationship 8 years ago which lasted for 7 months. We had vaginal, anal, oral sex and she used to swallow my cum. I have a 5 inch penis. When we had missionary style sex, I used to go deep in but in doggy she didnt feel much pleasure. We had great days. She got married and went her way. And I didn't contact her after.

Now, begins my story. 2 years ago, I got to know that I have HIV since 2005. I had been having this sexual relation with her in the year 2010. I felt very bad after knowing about my status. My guardian didn't inform me about my status fearing that I would become mentally sick after knowing this.

I felt emotionally bad about having sex with her, knowing about my HIV. But I did not know about this earlier. I felt guilth that I had destroyed her Life.

2 month ago, I saw her after many years. She is happily married and has 2 kids. She is looking more gorgeous than before. She looked at me and smiled but I pretended I did not see her. My heart said that she has not got HIV and I felt relief seeing how happy she was.

My questions are:

1. We never used condoms during Sex, then how she is lucky not to get HIV?

2. I always ejaculated inside her vagina. How she survived?

Is it because of zero viral load?

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1 Answer

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HIV virus may not get active in all the bodies so there are chances that the virus did not get active in her body and she got lucky. You should feel relief and thanks to God that she is free from the HIV. Now focus on your health and make sure that you follow all the instructions of your doctor so you would not get any trouble.

HIV is not as much as danger as people around us have assumptions as I know many people who have HIV and happy and healthy too so there is nothing to worry as long as you have proper information about your disease and you know what steps you need to take to keep yourself healthy.
answered Jul 11, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (27,850 points)

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