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I do not get Orgasm when I ejaculate. Why?

asked Jun 19, 2018 in Questions by Gaurav Singla (120 points)

Good afternoon,

 I have problem of orgasm. When I do handjob, I do not feel any orgasm. A wave which comes when semen passes out, but I do not feel such wave. My semen flows but I do not get any pleasure.

Does this problem have any solution? I am 30 years old and unmarried.

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1 Answer

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Does happen when you have sex? If you feel pleasure while having sex then you have nothing to worry. There are chances that you may not aware of the pleasure or you wrong idea of the orgasm. If you are masturbating a lot then stop masturbating and make sure that you do not masturbate more than two times in a week.
answered Jul 11, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (27,850 points)

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