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How do I get my female friend to talk dirty to me without sounding like a pervert?

asked Jun 18, 2018 in Questions by gauravtri8 (175 points)

Hello everyone,

I have a female friend (we both are 25+ and single). We studied in the same college and were very close but we lost contact with each other due to change in city and other personal reasons but we are back in touch since last 6 months.

She behaves like multipersonality person. When she is in the mood she would tell me about the dark secrets of her hostel like which girl had physical relationship with whom and other stuff and on one fine day during talk she told me her vitat stats, without asking for it.

But when she is not in her mood, she reacts as if sex is a filty thing and as if she had no idea about sex.

I am trying to spice up the things between us by sending naughty messages and memes sometimes she reacts with a laughing emoji and sometimes ignores them completely but she never sends similar messages.

So I need help of you experienced guys to spice up the things between us.

Thanks in advance!!

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It sounds that she is a moody person so you can only talk to her about your desire when she is in the mood otherwise she will take in a wrong way and may react aggressively so wait when that opportunity come to talk to her about your desire. It is clear that you have to behave as per her wish and demand so if you are ready to follow her mood then it is good otherwise you should stay away from her as you cannot start anything on you own term.

When she is not in the mood it is useless to expect that she will start talking dirty with you so keep doing what you are doing and hope that she will get comfortable with you and she will start talking dirty to you. Communication can help so talk to her how you feel and what you want and hear what she has to say.
answered Jul 11, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (28,860 points)
selected Jul 14, 2018 by gauravtri8

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