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Is it normal, if I am not able to ejaculate even after a long time during intercourse?

asked Jun 17, 2018 in Questions by prassi59 (150 points)

Hi all,

I'm a guy in mid 20s. Actually I started exploring sexual intercourse through my SIL few years ago. We actively involve in sex when no one is around. You can read my earlier question.

My question now is: I don't get ejaculation even after 30 mins of fucking. Mostly to ejaculate my SIL gives me a blowjob and handjob after our intercourse. Is this normal? How long should ejaculation take place during intercourse? Is this a sexual disorder? Do I need to see a Doctor?

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1 Answer

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You are not alone with whom this is happening and it is somehow normal so do not worry and let her give you bj once she gets tired of fucking so you can get the orgasm. You can also ask her to give you blowjob before you penetrate her and let her give you blowjob until you feel that you are about to come and then penetrate her so you can come fast. There is nothing about it for which you need to see the doctor.
answered Jul 11, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (27,850 points)

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