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I want to have sex with my Mom. How to start?

asked Jun 16, 2018 in Questions by rohit mokal (120 points)

Many times at night, I have seen my mom and dad doing sex. When I see them I get lust and get an erection and cannot control myself.

I see porn videos related to Mom - Son. I want to fuck my Mom.

Please suggest how to start?

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4 Answers

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Stop seeing them when they have sex so you would not get these thoughts. Your mom has a right to have sex with your dad and it is your incest act that you seen them. Seeing her having sex with your dad does not give you any right to have sex with her so drop the idea of having sex otherwise you will have to face the anger of your mom.

Moreover, here you have not mentioned anything that suggests that your mom is interested in having sex with you or she is making any advance on you so no one can suggest you the way to fuck her as that is not possible. Grow up and see the reality that she is your mom and stop watching son and mom porn videos as those are not real.
answered Jul 11, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (27,850 points)
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Rohit Mokal

Many times at night, I have seen my mom and dad doing sex. When I see them I get lust and get an erection and cannot control myself.

They have right for sex because they are married why you are peeping their personal moment. If you likes scream sound your mom then ok but sex with mom is not good idea. She is your own mom and had she shown any bad intention toward you. I think you may find a girl and enjoy with her your life don't spoil your life.

Best of luck.
answered Jul 13, 2018 by kingmyaqueen (2,495 points)
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Please stop seeing porn videos.They are corroding your brain and enhancing lustful feelings in your mind.Never get aroused to see your parents doing legitimate sex.You are a consequence of this sex and a by product of their copulation.It is unethical to make mother as your sex target.Choose someone else or masturbate to relieve your sexual excitement.Everybody do so.
answered Jul 13, 2018 by Motilal (8,725 points)
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Hi Rohit,

I understand your feelings.

Its not your fault. Its your parents fault for not concealing their acts.

It is quite unusual for a young boy to stay calm after seeing a woman ( even though it is your mother) naked having sex. Its human tendency due emerging hormonal changes.

As per my experience, once you develop lust for your own mother, 100% you will not like young girls or other females.

Believe me in modern world mom-son sex does happen and is is becoming common thing. Mostly sons seduce their mothers and fuck them. Mothers also give into temptation in most cases.Very reason being son's cock is more harder due to teenage.

If you cannot change your mindset by any means, then only way is to masturbate. But still if you cant control yourself then go for seducing your mother.

You can start your approach by first praising her beauty. Talk about girls. Slowly start with sex education and some sex related doubts regarding girls .Then slowly ask about how was her sexual life.Tell her that you would like to have a wife like her. Slowly tease her that "you're my wife, I am your husband " playfully.

In a play full manner show a lot of care and affection more than your father did. Make sure you touch her a lot ( emotional hugs/ caressing hips / shoulder press/ cheek kisses) while playing with her. you cant progress without touching her. Later Hug her from behind while trying to touch your dick  to her ass, while checking out her response.When you hug from front trying moving your hands under her armpits sideways to touch her breasts.

While coming out from bathroom, try dropping your towel and exposing your erect penis in front of her. See her reactions. If she doesn't say a word, means you can proceed closer to her .

Tell her that you want to de-stress her by pressing her legs/back etc. If she resists try convincing her . If she agrees, press her legs seductively. Try kissing her calf muscles slowly.Try lifting her dresses upward beyond knees and try reaching naked thighs close to her lovehole. If she doesn't resists, she will give into you.

If she still resists, try proposing her in a very humble way. Tell her you are not able to concentrate on your important aspects of life without getting her physical love. You will take care of her till the end as your wife etc. Tell her that if you get her love than you can function well in your career related areas. Try to convince her that she is your life/wife.

Two things can happen.
1) she will co-operate with you or
2) you might spoil your relationship with mom. But how long will it go. Eventually you have a satisfaction that you tried. Believe me nothing great will happen. Maximum they"ll scold/beat/counsel you. Accept the result.

Best of luck
answered Jul 24, 2018 by Ilovemumma (175 points)

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