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I want to have sex with my mom? How to convince her?

asked Jun 11, 2018 in Questions by mhnghsh (120 points)
edited Jun 12, 2018 by longhands1

My Mom is 48 years old. I am 24. My Mom is not sexually active since last 7 years. My Parents sleep separately at night. I am the only child and I am close to my mom. Some times she change her blouse in front of me and shows her boobs to me.

I fantasize about her and want to have sex with her but I do not know how to begin the topic.

Please guide me. How to convince her to have sex with me?

featued question

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16 Answers

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Have you thought mother is a sex material to fulfil your lust ? Just because she changes her blouse in front of you that doesn't mean she will allow to insert your pole in her hole. She may be changing the blouse keeping trust on you that you are not looking at her. In small houses it does bound to happen due to lack of space for privacy.

Your parents are not having sex for 7 years that doesn't mean you have the responsibility to please your mother.

Yes,I accept that incest is happening nowadays but it is acceptable if both are consenting to have sex with each other. In your case,your mother didn't give any such possible signals to have sex with you. What you are thinking about your mom is totally your fantasy,nothing else. You are 24,matured and grown up enough and such childish thinking is not acceptable from you.

Better you find a girlfriend to fulfil your lust. Or if that is not possible then do masturbate maximum of 3 times a week.
answered Jun 11, 2018 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
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Hi Dear

Why you people becoming shameless she is your own mom. Some times she change her blouse in front of me and shows her boobs to me. What does it means she is treating you as child and you feeling fantasy. Find a girl for your age and try to seduce her. Mom is a very respective word how can you think like that she demand to you for fuck. Now a days for young generation people imagination and relationship become too worst shame on you yourself.

Before asking such question you have to think once changing dress in front you does't means she want to sex with you. In Indian traditional most mother changes cloths in front of their son. Because they have confidence their mother wood so It is my request to you do not think bad and love her as a son.

Rest on you my dear.
answered Jun 11, 2018 by kingmyaqueen (2,495 points)
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Your parents sleep separately,doesn't mean that they are not doing sex.How do you know that mother is not sexually active? Will they do sex before elderly son...There is no harm,if your mom changes blouse in front of you.Some elderly women remain careless about their clothings at home.Your mother is one of them.She is confident about you and you are not stranger to her.She nourished you in her womb for 9-10months and feed her breast milk.Never betray her trust on you.Spare her from your lustful eyes and search another girl or women. Remember the film song of Sadhana.....Aurato Ne Janam Diya Mardo Ko----
answered Jun 11, 2018 by Motilal (8,725 points)
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Hi mhnghsh,

I understand your feelings.

It is quite unusual for a young boy like you to stay calm after seeing a naked breast ( even though it is your mother). Its human tendency due emerging hormonal changes. Its completely normal.

As per my experience, once you develop lust for your own mother, you might not like young girls or your interest for other females will be diminishing. Your mother will get aged in a few years. You will eventually have to change. Hence change your choice now, if possible.

Similarly, maybe possible that your father and mother are sexually disconnected .He might also be no longer interested in your mom at this age. But mom is a human too. I am sure at this age she might be having some lust. Maybe she would be trying to seduce you by opening her blouse and show her lovely melons for your treat.

If you cannot change your mindset by any means, then only resort to seducing her.
In today's modern society, lusting for mother or sex with own mother is becoming common thing and it is the most pleasurable thing on earth.

You can start your approach by first praising her beauty. Talk about girls. Ask some sex related doubts regarding girls .Then slowly ask about how was her sexual life.Tell her that you would like to have a wife like her. Slowly tease her that "you're my wife, I am your husband " playfully.

In a play full manner show a lot of care and affection more than your father did. Make sure you touch her a lot ( caressing hips / shoulder press/ cheek kisses) while playing with her. you cant progress without touching her. Hug her from behind while trying to touch your dick  to her ass, while checking out her response.When you hug from front trying moving your hands under her armpits sideways to touch her breasts.

While coming out from bathroom, try dropping your towel and exposing your erect penis in front of her. See her reactions. When ever she opens her blouse in front of you, stare at those melons. If she doesn't say a word, means you can proceed closer to her slowly day by day and one day embrace your mother when she is half naked. If she resists try convincing her . You are not able to concentrate on your important aspects of life without getting her physical love. You will take care of her till the end as your wife etc.

Tell her that if you get her love than you can function well in your career related areas. Try to convince her that she is your life/wife. you will win.

If she doesn't resist try kissing her as your wife and continue as your mood goes. I am sure you will get more stronger erections if you are in bed with own mother lying naked under you. Mothers also enjoy a lot when their young son's erect bone enters their vagina.

It should be love + lust, then only you can reap benefits from your mom for becoming your bed partner. you need to convince her that you cant live without her as your wife.

All the best for making a suitable decision either to forget or conquer  your mom's pussy.

Good day!
answered Jun 11, 2018 by Ilovemumma (175 points)
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Well, I don't want to discourage you by telling how one should treat mother as mother and it is a holy relationship etc. If you are convinced about your feelings about her as a possible sexual companion, you may try. Things may work out you never know. But do that with full conviction and without any guilt feelings but of course with her full consent.
all the best.
answered Jun 12, 2018 by parimaga (120 points)
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I can understand  your feeling. When it comes to incest  related questions especially  mother-son ones we can see a lot of people  either giving moral  lectures or suddenly their inner instincts  of moral police gets  awakened.

I am also around your age and I have gone through this  situation too. When I say  gone through  please don't think  that  I am over with  that  feeling.

Unlike you, I even went to the extent  of making  a fake ID  on FB and acting  as sex psychologist. I knew my Mom was sexually unsatisfied  as she had no sex for almost  8-9 years and she was just  nearing 50 ( please don't ask how I know ).

I persuaded  her to satisfy her thirst with her son through the ID and finding out that  it was not working, I started sexting her and she blocked me.

So most of the boys go through  this situation who are mostly single boy child in the house and when they realize that something is wrong between their parents in the sexual  aspect. It's just because she is the first  woman to whom we have the easiest  access. And Mothers may not be careful enough  to consider covering their flesh  as we are their sons.

Those who are giving lectures will also have gone through these feelings, at least once but don't have the guts to admit it as you and I do. It's  just  a feeling  man. You have to get over it. As I said, I sexted her (with no reply from her side) I would get  greatest  hard on and jack-off immediately.

The second my penis gets flaccid, I would get the disgust of highest  degree and not just  guilt. I feel so no because she is my mother or so but because  I feel  why  am I having to resort  to women  near  her 50s when I can go for chicks!!!!

But, this will be a momentary feeling and the next day I used to jack off reading  those  text  again.

So all  this is just  a mirage. Fucking your 50 year  mom will only  ruin  your long  term sex life. Just think of it in that manner and that's how I got out of it .
All the best
answered Jun 12, 2018 by agru (390 points)
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Better get married bro. She is not sexually active so why you want to put fire on her. Just don't do that. What you will get pleasure from loose cunt and boobs
answered Jun 12, 2018 by rahulsngh (995 points)
commented Jun 12, 2018 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Wow..Just because she is old and maybe having loose cunt and boobs,he should not have sex with her..Wow...I salute to u sir....people like you see female as only sex material,nothing else.
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There is nothing is your post which suggests that your mom has something for you except she sometimes changes her blouse in front of you but that does not indicate that she is interested in you romantically as she might be doing it thinking that there is no harm as you are her son and you would not look at her this way so do not break her trust I would say. She might be inactive in her sexual life for years but that does not give you a right to ask her for the sex. Better to play the role of responsible son and give her respect which she deserves as a mother.
answered Jun 12, 2018 by alpesh kapdi (27,850 points)
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This is truly unbelievable. I can't understand what's happening to today's children that they are lusting for their own moms, sisters, dads and other relatives.

If you have found your mom changing or found she is sleeping separately then it has nothing to do with you as it's very natural for a woman to feel comfortable as she wants to. If woman is not safe even at home then where will she be safe? Better if you will make sure to leave all your devilish thoughts and realize that there is a great difference between what you see or read over internet and what is real life?

Though at the end I would like to say that I just have seen one positive part that at least boldly you have expressed yourself here so you can take a right decision with some right suggestions down there !!
answered Jun 12, 2018 by neelam.neelu (170 points)
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It's very sad to hear that a boy wants to fuck his own mother for his sexual pleasure  because he sees her changing clothes in front of him

Hello mrs
Your mother trust you she think you won't stare at her boobs and she her as sexual things
Change your mind find a girl friend and seduce her and bang her
That's it I won't say much in this issue my AA members have answered you in this matter
answered Jun 14, 2018 by pavan350 (1,570 points)
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You are no longer a child.She knows it and yet exposes her boobs to you.It's still better to get a confirmation before you reach out and touch her or proceed even further. Is there no other room for her to change her blouse? Has she lost interest in sex and so is sleeping away from your father ,or only he has become sexually inactive and so she wants you to satisfy her? She in that case is right since having a partner outside of the family is risky in terms of blackmail,infections,exploitation and bad reputation.Many women have affairs but all don't result in favourable consequences.

The best way forward,if you wish to proceed on these lines,is to very gently praise her boobs without sounding vulgar and watch her reaction( providing there is NO other room for her to change and SHE FACES YOU WHILE CHANGING HER BLOUSE--BOTH BEING GREEN SIGNALS).If she turns towards you further or approaches even by inches,it's yet another green signal.Then ask her just as gently if these were nourishing you when you were a baby( stupid question but a seemingly innocent approach),if she does not admonish you and instead smiles and replies in the affirmative,ask her if you can suck them now.If she permits,ask about Daddy.If she says,no problem he is asleep,go ahead or if she tells you to wait till he is gone for work--do so.

Again,wait when that day or moment arrives.Just smile a lot and she might offer you the milk jugs.From here,she will herself open up --which will be the best thing to happen or she might stop you at this--feeling a bit reluctant/guilty/unsure. In case of the latter,You may ask her the reason and ask her to not feel shy or guilty and state that you love and respect her and no one will get to know( and keep that promise) and ask for letting you suck and play with them.Slowly,ask for having sex with her.

Be very patient and proceed gradually,irrespective of your desires or she might shout and complain to your father --if the signals are simply imagined by us.

Let us know what happens next.  If nothing happens,you should forget about the whole thing and get married.

Such relationships are neither good or bad.It depends upon the consequences.So I never condone or condemn them.
answered Jun 15, 2018 by R2D2 (215 points)
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I am well aware that incest is spreading like fire all around. But from your question i can understand you are in fantasy. I am not going to advise to leave these thoughts or pray for good or hurt you. Just instead see some movies fap for it and get relaxed. But at no point u should touch mom. she is gods gift to you. You can read some  x stories and maste self and get your mind relaxed.
answered Jun 16, 2018 by ramyarani2 (400 points)
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Have some moral values. For god's sake don't see your mom as a sex toy. Even you can tell your mom not to do these kinda acts. You will be getting married in some time which will disturb your married life.

If your mom takes an initial step, then you should think about all this. Till then ignore.
answered Jun 24, 2018 by MR.kJ (105 points)
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the smartest way to get in her pants is to start texting her a lot and then you can ask her for her pics when you miss her and gradually turn into something more sexual
answered Jun 29, 2018 by TheGoldenRetriever (290 points)
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I don't think so, having sex with own mom is good thing. You mentioned that your mom is not sexually active from last 7 years. So have you noticed that she is depressed , frustrated for not having sex. If yes then you can find any other solution for that. You can spend time with her, if she likes movies then go to see movie in movie hall. You can create joyful environment to make her happy.

But if these ideas don't work and she really need sex then you can arrange good sex partner for her, young man, who can seduces her and give pleasure which she is missing.

And some one says, 48 years old woman has loose cunt, loose boobs. then my friend you are wrong. 48 year old woman is so sexy. young boys are mad for their mom's age woman.
answered Jul 7, 2018 by saxena.sho (240 points)
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Change your thinking because she is your mother.
answered Jul 7, 2018 by Vanshika (105 points)

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