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Comic Strip: Savita Bhabhi's special Tailor - Part III

asked Jun 10, 2018 in Articles by longhands1 (88,850 points)

Comic Strip: Savita Bhabhi's special Tailor  - Part III

Today, I am posting something special. I want each one of you, who is now seeing this Comic Strip, to introduce at least one New Member to this Site.

commented Jun 13, 2018 by dangerboy5 (450 points)
I like standing 69. My aunty and me fuck in standing 69 position. Also thanks for sharing the comics.

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1 Answer

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OH YAWK !! Such comics are presenting woman in a bad banner but then it also has shown a very hidden and dark side of woman, especially a married woman Lol.

I personally feel a woman's body is her biggest enemy at times as her body can make her weak many times unknowingly. When frustration comes so even at times mind doesn't work in front of needs.

Comic was really erotic and somehow presented the inner desires of a woman.
answered Jun 12, 2018 by neelam.neelu (170 points)