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Kamasutra Corner: Oral sex: Analingus

asked Jun 10, 2018 in Articles by longhands1 (88,850 points)

Kamasutra Corner: Oral sex: Analingus

A very valuable technique possible during oral sex is the stimulation of the perineum - the space between the vulva and the anus in women, and the scrotum and anus in men - and the introduction of a finger into the anus.

While many people feel anal play is unpleasant, the quality of orgasm produced by genital and anal stimulation combined is immensely more piercing, stronger, and delightful than orgasm produced by genital stimulation alone.

This is partly psychological, to be sure, representing an admission of feminine urges to be penetrated bodily - as much in the case of men as of women - but it is more largely physical, since it carries the motions and excitations of the sexual act deep into the pelvic musculature where men, at least, seldom otherwise experience it.

The sexual position which enables this to take place is similar to the sex position for vaginal sex.

When even once properly experienced - that is, properly executed and properly submitted to, without panicky emotional resistance - it will usually be returned to again and again, and is very likely to become an integral part of the erotic technique and ritual of a couple.

However, clumsily done, or without proper lubrication, or in the wrong sexual position, and without the proper relaxation of the anal sphincter by the submitting partner, it can be most unpleasant.

A few unfortunate experiences of this kind, combined with outraged moral and esthetic objections, can so affect some women or men as to inhibit orgasm in them, and even voluptuous pleasure of any degree, when anal play is even so much as attempted.

Well lubricated, anal play will produce no real pain if a finger is introduced slowly and carefully, even if the subject does not understand how to relax the sphincter.

When the subject has already had some experience with anal play, the relaxation of the sphincter is easy to perform, and the penetrating finger is then drawn into the anus when the muscle relaxes and draws upward.

It hardly needs to be mentioned that "postillioning", as anal finger play is colloquially called, is not practical when the subject suffers from piles (hemorrhoids), as it is likely to prove painful and to cause bleeding.

However, the best lube for anal play is some kind of artifical lube such as Astroglide or Probe. High quality grapeseed oil may also be used.

The amount that can be taken up at one time must be made to serve. It's risky to have any cross-motion from vagina to anus, because of the possibility of infection.

The anus should not be groped for - and possibly missed - but should be found by slowly running and pressing the fingertip along the groove which leads up to it. So choose a position for sex in which the recipient can lie back comfortably with his or her anal groove exposed.

Once the finger is inside the anus, it can be moved back-and-forth, care being taken always to keep the tip past the sphincter, or the finger is likely to pop out and will have to be re-inserted, again with the possibility of pain.

Or the finger can be held still, within the grasp of the sphincter (sometimes surprisingly strong), and the whole hand shaken vigorously, agitating the whole anal, lower rectal, and perineal region. At the point of orgasm, frankly in-and-out coital movements of the finger, or even two fingers together, will usually be found most gratifying to the subject.

Postillioning can best be done by the middle finger, but in cunnilingual positions it is usually necessary to use the forefinger, or - after the woman has become accustomed to anal penetration or anal coitus - the thumb, with the same disadvantages.

Regardless of the sex position chosen, anal play can be very painful if the fingernails are too long on either the fingers used or those adjacent, which grip hard at the perineum or genital area. The fingernails should therefore be clipped.

The finger should be removed carefully after anal penetration, regardless of the sex position used.

At orgasm - when this is profound - powerful and rhythmic contractions of the sphincter occur in both sexes, and are felt by the intruded finger in postillioning, usually at intervals of about one second, slowing and disappearing after orgasm.

Some maintain the vaginal contractions or spasms can be created just as well by bringing the woman to orgasm strictly by clitoral titillation, without in any way entering or touching her vagina, and the specifically "vaginal" orgasm is a myth.

To avoid any pain to the subject, or undesired noise, it is best to remove the postillioning finger in the pause between contractions of the sphincter.

Keep the same sexual position, then, to withdraw the finger, even when lubricated with oil or jelly, it should be bent downward toward the rectal floor, while the hand itself is turned upward and is drawn away simultaneously, thus levering the finger out, as one might say, on the fulcrum of the anal orifice's anterior edge.

If, meanwhile, the subject will press down slightly with the sphincter, in exactly the way such pressure is exerted during defecation, the finger will be forced as well as pulled out, and there will be no pain whatsoever.

The relaxation or pressing down with the sphincter to allow entry of the finger (or of the penis, in anal sex) is also very similar to the pushing a bowel movement out, but is more diffused and not so powerful.

After anal play it will usually be necessary to wash - or at least wipe - the finger used, as it may have an unpleasant odor, and, if lubrication has been used, it will be oily or moist. Also, there may be fecal particles around or under the fingernail: this is only to be expected unless you wash out the rectum beforehand.

It commonly occurs that the subject to anal finger play - postillioning - is likely to feel the desire to defecate immediately after being postillioned, or to imagine that this desire is present.

This is usually due to the sympathetic excitation of the nerve centers controlling defecation when the anal sphincter is titillated, and the person may find, upon going to the bathroom, that there is really no necessity at all.

However, in some people, anal fingering or sex causes an acute looseness of the bowels. Both of these sympathetic nervous manifestations will probably disappear upon continued acquaintance with such excitation.

And sure, it is possible that occasionally a piece of fecal matter may be felt by the finger in the rectum, but this, while not particularly esthetic or pleasant, is a matter of very little real importance.

It should certainly not be mentioned - or displayed! - at the time, as the subject is probably just as aware of it as the person who is postillioning, and is also probably twice as horrified and embarrassed.

However, if you try this sexual position, beware of the transmission of hepatitis.

Such soiling of finger or penis in anal intercourse can be avoided by douching or using an enema beforehand. Whether you share that experience or keep it private depends on your personal sexual position on matters of personal hygiene and sexual arousal!

When anal finger play accompanies cunnilingus and not sexual intercourse, it may take the place of vaginal finger play concomitant with cunnilingus, or it may accompany it, the thumb being introduced into the vagina, and the forefinger or middle finger into the anus.

The whole hand is then shaken or turned backward-and-forward rapidly, a quarter-circle, without moving or slipping the fingers within the tissues, thus shaking the whole vaginal, anal, and perineal area strongly.

If you move on to anal intercourse, do remember that the tightness of the anus may make it hard to delay ejaculation (it's a very stimulating position!)

Or, of course, the thumb and finger (or fingers) can be driven rapidly in-and-out in semi-intercourse-like motions: this is, however, best only when the subject's orgasm is close.

This type of excitation combined with cunnilingus is productive of so tense and high-pitched an emotional state, and such extremely enjoyable sensations at orgasm, as to cause women to thrash about wildly, and scream (into a pillow or against the palm of the hand, if one lives too close to one's neighbors), or even to faint, especially the first time it is experienced.

A type of excitation which is associated to both cunnilingus and anal play, and which cannot be omitted from any exhaustive survey of oral sex, is analingus: the licking, tonguing, and sucking of the anus.

If the woman's body is clean - really clean - no tenable hygienic or olfactory objections to analingus can be advanced, and those that are made can stem only from psychological considerations, or prejudice and training. It is therefore a matter of personal choice.

The same sex positions used for cunnilingus give access to the anus, and part of the fun of trying this sexual pleasure may well be the maneuvering into the correct sex position for easy access.

Obviously there has been some contamination of its use as an oral caress by the well-known folk phrase or insult in many languages, in which ultimate contempt is expressed by inviting another person to kiss one's arse (ass).

When intended seriously, as an erotic invitation, this is quite another matter, and even more so when one makes the offer - preferably by simply doing it, and without words - rather than makes the demand.

Analingus is usually extremely pleasurable to the subject, once the feeling of shock is discarded, and it is therefore going to be practiced by sensitive and loving people who wish to give each other the utmost possible pleasure, and to express their affectionate acceptance of that pleasure.

At any rate, the genitals are excretory organs too, of a sort, but the erotic application of the mouth to them is quite coolly undertaken and enjoyed by many people.

It should be recollected that none of the world's great religions makes any dogmatic objection to any orogenital act when practiced as foreplay to eventual vaginal intercourse.

Analingus can be just as sanely considered and employed. Meticulous cleanliness is, of course, a prime consideration; and it hardly needs to be mentioned that the breaking of wind during either oral sex or analingus is at all costs to be avoided.

A good deal further as to the actual oral techniques of analingus will be given later: but for now, think of the possibility of cunnilingus and analingus combined, which is most easily performed in the sex position "Playing the Harmonica": with the man's mouth sweeping rapidly back-and-forth along the pudendal and perineal groove of the woman lying on her side with her knees pulled up tight to her chest.

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