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Article: What do Men do that makes Women Cheat?

asked Jun 6, 2018 in Articles by longhands1 (88,850 points)

Article: What do Men do that makes Women Cheat?

We all know that men have a tendency to cheat, but what about women? When emotional intimacy begins to lose its existence from the relationship, it then triggers the woman to cheat on her partner. She will only cheat when she’s driven to an absolute desperation stage. Remember, it takes two hands to clap and all that she wants is just a little attention and to feel desired. Hence, there are certain things that definitely men do, which drive a woman to cheat.

In today’s world, things have changed a lot, where women now are entering the workforce, becoming professionals, and breadwinners of the family. But if her needs are not met, then she very well knows the only way is to cheat because then they want someone to make them feel sexy all over again. Hence, for a consistent relationship, men need to make sure not to do these things, that could drive a woman to cheat

1. Put yourself first. 

It’s all right to be concerned about yourself, but you mustn’t be self-centered and neglect the viewpoints and emotions of the woman. Remember, everything isn’t about you, therefore, a balance must be maintained, where her desires, needs, and wants should be considered. If not, then chances are that she may cheat on you.

2. Make no effort to share interests

A woman wants their man to be involved and show interest in certain activities of theirs, that they love. Hence, allow her to pacify you about the whole idea of partaking, rather you rejecting it beforehand. So, try to volunteer and show a bit of interest, which will avoid the cheat button from triggering.

3. Pay no attention to her. 

A very crucial part in all women, seeking attention. If you lack in showing attention to her, then all possibility she could cheat in the near future. Never underestimate the beauty of a woman, with the right moves, she will have many followers. So, give her the attention she rightfully needs, which will make her feel you care.

4. Don’t listen to her. 

Not hearing her out, could drive her to cheat. It’s very important to hear her out when matters are related to her fears, expectations, and hope. Women want to share their thoughts and feelings and if you don’t hear them out, then it’s all gonna get suppressed and one day explode causing damages.


5. Show no support. 

Her goal and her dreams may look quite stupid and fictitious, yet you need to support her unconditionally. You must try never to be critical or judgemental of her dreams and refuse to give her the support. You are her only savior at a delicate moment like this, whom she’s totally banking on.


6. Threaten to leave.  

If you all the time threaten of leaving her and blackmail her emotionally, then be prepared for her to cheat because all this threatening will drive her to another man. You see women will never cheat on their men if they are treated well. The more manpower you show her, that much her womanpower will get charged up.


7. Demand for constant equality. 

A woman prefers to be independent, but at the same time, they like to be pampered and flattered. It is all about equality and balance either with the expenses or the house chores. Treating her with respect and love is the sign of a true gentleman and in no way, it will drive her to cheat on you.



8. Belittle her accomplishments. 

When women do something and men don’t have the time or take interest in what they do, because men consider it to be senseless and stupid, then it hurts them. She may have done something horrible, never belittle her devotion and her passion. Otherwise, she will cheat on you with someone interested in her passions.

9. Try to change the way she looks. 

Never make the mistake of trying to change the way women look, with their clothes, their appearance, or their body. Yes, definitely you must discuss in a positive way and put it across and make her agree. If you don’t accept her as she is then she will seek someone, who will accept her as she is.


10. Don’t satisfy her physically. 

This is the main reason why women cheat when they are left unsatisfied sexually. When you don’t bring to bed that zest along with some new sexual techniques, then things begin to get monotonous, with the same thing being repeated by you. If pleasure turns to displeasure, then expect her to go hunting elsewhere.


11. Don’t satisfy her emotionally.

You may satisfy her physically, but she needs to be satisfied emotionally as well. Most men don’t bother about a woman’s feelings, her problems and how to make her feel special. You must always respect her feelings and try to get into her shoes for a better understanding. Otherwise, it will drive her to cheat.

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1 Answer

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Well thought out and rightly written article. If only men could understand.
Thank you so very much for the article writer.
answered Jun 28, 2018 by aruverma (465 points)

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