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I gave in to my Son. Now I feel guilty. What to do?

asked May 31 in Questions by Nirmala (145 points)
edited Jun 7 by longhands1

Finally, my Son managed to seduce me and we started having sex. As you know from my previous question, my husband is mostly out of the home and because of  this my Son and I began having Sex.

The first time, I cried a lot after the intercourse. My son is a sexual monster and he wants sex all the time. He had many fantasies regarding me and wants to fulfil all those. He had sex with me in the kitchen, the sitting room, bathroom and every where. He even taught me many sex positions that I had never had before. He even had anal sex with me, whereas my husband never ever touched me there.

I really have mixed feeling about this. To be frank, I enjoy a lot with him while having intercourse. I was in desperate need of sex since my husband has no interest in me since many years. But after sex, I feel really guilty. I have gone very far against my husband, religion, my motherhood, Society.

What if people come to know about this? I am really afraid all the time.

What should I do?

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featued question
commented Jun 2 by Motilal (8,255 points)
Search a destination and go for long honeymoon tour with son.Revise all postures mentioned in Kamasutra.

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15 Answers

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If you both want it,continue.Then stop feeling guilty.You can't torture yourself like this.Also,tell him to keep it between you and him and you too do the same.Then no one will know.Boys have a tendency to boast to their friends or later to their wives.Tell him to NOT do that and respect you.You have saved yourself from  blackmail and infections by not having an affair with anyone outside the family.Even brother -in-law could have been a risk.

If you feel guilty and wish to stop it,talk to him and convince him to stop .He WILL NOT ,now that he has tasted the pleasure.In that case,you will have to decide to be strong and stop him from having sex with you.Tough measures might be necessary.

I find nothing wrong if you both wish to continue without guilt.There have been many such cases I have read in Savvy and Femina's  Pearl Padamsee Columns.That was of course long back.One of the confessors was a Christian man who had given him name as K.John--and had sex with both his widowed mother and sister( both continued even after the sister got married).There was never any guilt associated.

Religions' arguments are now redundant.Just don't get pregnant. have clean sex.If anal sex is indulged in,make him wear a condom.
answered Jun 15 by R2D2 (190 points)
selected Jul 21 by Nirmala
commented Jul 21 by Nirmala (145 points)
Thank you for your suggestions. Now, I am enjoying my life no matter what!

He does not want to use condom while penetrating my vagina or during anal sex. He really has dirty fantasies about sex and me in his mind.
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Hi Nirmala,
Your write-up has multiple questions so let me try answering one by one.  (Please do remember its just my point of view)
1) my husband is mostly out of the home and because of  this my Son and I began having Sex.
My take on this, if you really wanted to satisfy yourself physically, I am sure you had other options excluding your son.
2) I really have mixed feeling about this. To be frank.
I believe every person in the world has different line or border for the word 'guilt'. For some it may be ok to have sex with another man but not with someone biological. For some anything outside marriage may be a feeling for guilt.

3)  I have gone very far against my husband, religion, my motherhood, Society.
This itself proves that it was not right decision on your side to do it. Trust me there is nothing more important in life than peace of mind and good health.

4) What if people come to know about this? I am really afraid all the time.
If both of you are sure about not sharing this with anyone and keeping yourself secret, then you need not worry.

but ask yourself, would this relationship with your own child let you sleep peacefully at night. If the answer is no, then don't do it.
answered Jun 1 by aruverma (410 points)
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On the base of moral it's taboo in our society and as per religious it is wrong too. We are always afraid of going against this rules ans regulations. To make keep better well disciplined society these rules matters. We all have grown up with learning these rules step by step and we are always scared by if we don't follow this rules society won't accept us. They are going to forbidden us. This fear of getting forbidden making you nervous and making you cry at this moment.

Your son is 27. At this age all human beings used to have higher sexual urges. You son is young and still single. He has his sexual need too at this age. On other side you are sexually unsatisfied too. Both are getting benefits from each other. You feel your son is sex monster. But he is not. At this age he is having more stamina and power and years of desire to have sex making him ruff. But after some encounters he will be going soft on that.

Now let's analyse some logical issues. Your son is 27. He may be going to marry soon. So you have to make it clear that he SHOULD NOT GET ADDICTED to you and your body. Other side even YOU SHOULD NOT GET ADDICTED TO HIM AND HIS BODY. After some days / months / years he is going to have his own married life. If any one of both of you get addiction of another person it is going to ruin their married life. It's will break your entire family.

So as an adult and responsible person you have to keep and maintain balance between your personal life and sexual life. You gave it to your son but you must make him aware that you are the woman of the house. You are the Home Minister. Its difficult but not impossible to maintain distance between personal relationship and sexual relationship. Don't end up being puppet of your son. He still not much aware and careful about his own responsibilities.  

BEHIND THE DOOR BOTH OF YOU CAN ENJOY. But make it practice to have protective intercourse sex. Because your son going gave his own married life in future too. IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY, FORGET THE WORLD FOR SOME TIME BUT ALWAYS KEEP IT BEHIND THE DOORS.

Have a great life ahead. Never Get Caught.
answered Jun 1 by SHREYASH PATEL (620 points)
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Hi Nirmala,

It's really natural to succumb to sexual desires especially when you are being tempted by a young partner. Further, I do know that society believes son-mother relationship should not be sexual as this is very immoral.

However, in my humble personal opinion, the basic building block for every relationship is trust and happiness and if you're experiencing both of these qualities even after being connected sexually with your son then I would suggest you to just continue enjoying it. Also, avoid regretting your actions as it might hamper your sexual experience which is a key catalyst in you involving sexually with your son in the first place.

Lastly, do keep mind to set limits for your son and take proper precautions such that this can be stopped at your wish. Because both of you have plenty of life to live and look forward to and you should not hamper it just for sexual pleasure.

answered Jun 1 by pirlo (155 points)
commented Jun 1 by longhands1 (85,735 points)

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Hi Nirmala,

Nice to hear that you finally started enjoying sex with your son. You also wanted it.

Your Words " I really have mixed feeling about this. To be frank, I enjoy a lot with him while having intercourse. I was in desperate need of sex since my husband has no interest in me since many years. But after sex, I feel really guilty. I have gone very far against my husband, religion, my motherhood, Society"

These words I think are not suited after enjoying. You also did anal sex which you never permitted your husband. All things make very clear view you are also sex starved then what's the issue?

According to me you have to forget all relationship and enjoy only sex because you get the hungry tools and he is in his young age so enjoy without limitation. Only take care of privacy because your relationship is very sensitive.

If anybody comes to know then you will face big trauma. So don't worry and enjoy sex encounter which you missed with you hubby. Have a good luck for your encounter.....

Best of luck
answered Jun 1 by kingmyaqueen (2,430 points)
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Dear nirmala mom,

Don't worry about the future. Keep these things as a secret. People will come to know these things when you or your son share this matter with some other person.

How many days in a week you have intercourse with your son ?

Guilty feeling comes to all. Even I feel guilty after doing masturbation. I would have fixed some limits, if I cross that limit I feel guilty. Continue sex with your son.

Enjoy the current scenario till your son gets married. After your son's marriage, what will you do ? Is it okay for you if your son ask for a threesome with his wife ? That too will be very thrilling and I am sure you will be very happy.

You will get much more clear suggestions from the people's who suggested you to have sex with your son in your previous question.
answered Jun 1 by deepu1996 (390 points)
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As you said you enjoyed so stop worrying now enjoy and no one will know about it unless anyone of you spit it out.

Guilt feeling is natural it will fadeaway with time but i would have suggested you to have a partner outside your home to fulfill your needs in that way you could have what you wanted without any guilt.
answered Jun 1 by myselfarun (1,850 points)
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You have enjoyed sex with your son and your words say that you enjoyed more than what your husband would  give you sexually
 but now  you are saying about society I think you should not have forgotten your relationship when your son was making you nude and inserting his penis into your vagina and you should have stoped him then only
Now it's over your son won't leave now he will just take you  as fucking machine only he has strong desire of fucking you till gets new lady for him
answered Jun 1 by pavan350 (1,435 points)
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Your life will be hell if other people to cone about your sexual relationship with your own son so if you feel that sooner or later they will come to know about it then stop having sex with him. You feel guilty because you know what you are doing is not socially and morally right but if you can handle the guilt then I would say continue with him as you already crossed the line so no need to look back but if you have a nature where you feel guilty for having sex behind your husband’s back who is working his ass off to make your life better then you should stop it.

There are many things society would consider it as a sin but that does not mean these things are sin for you too. It is up to you how you consider this sexual relationship with your son. If you are able to consider it as a sex between man and woman and can be able to keep yourself away from the guilt that is associated with it then you can keep having sex with him otherwise this is not for you and you should end it whether your son wants it or not.

If you decide to end it then you have to face a lot of anger and issues from your son as he might not be able to stay without the vagina which you already offered to him. Sex is a natural requirement of the human body so if you think that this is the sex only then you go ahead but if you think that you are doing something wrong then you should end these things with your son. I would not say what you are doing is right or wrong as some time situations need to be considerate.
answered Jun 1 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
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Look you are at the age of 46 and you did all this first time thats all by regular practice you will be fine .All other things guilt and those things which make you guilt are from your mind thoughts not from your body so you have to engage in Fine music , exercises , reading ,TV and many other hobbies .

Do you know idle mind is devils workshop  so engage yourself when you are idle thats its you cannot delete ant thing in mind you can only add to it beautiful moments thats all.

Everything is in your hands I know one of my friend she is 45 and speaks very open in sex but never feel guilt she has very open mind and her husband also is open but they are open to having sex with multiple partners too but they always say as we need food human being need sex also in same proportion thats all.

But as I always say STD has to be taken care we all dont know about your sons habits if he is a carrier then you will also suffer so way out is just educate him STD from internet study materials .
answered Jun 1 by Lifewithfreedoms (920 points)
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We all are biological beings. For a healthy body/life, one needs these three basic things, Food, sleep and sex. Those needs are to be met. There will be situations, like yours, where these things can not be met or satisfied in the so called normal way, prescribed by the society, which is highly pretentious.

A lot of things happen in society that are not considered right. Need for sex is natural and taking steps to meet that basic need is also natural and right. Morality means principles of right and wrong. It is not a word to describe one's sexual activity.,

What you did was a right thing, that is having sex when your body and mind needed it. Now the question, was it right to have sex with him? You need a male partner and he was the one available. Is it such a big immoral thing? No, I do not think so.

There are our leaders and officials who accept bribe, harming the country and it's people, I think that is immoral. An act done with greed. Here it was a biological basic need which is essential for one's well being. Extreme situations may require extreme remedy.

Those who are living a happy life may not understand your situation. I am a male who had no sex life in the past thirty years. I know what it is like to live without sex.

Again, you decide your way. You can not listen to other's opinion of morality and live. Don't feel guilty for what you did. No one is perfect in this world. I had a lot of incestuous feelings and attractions, though i had no opportunity to fulfill them. I know many others are having such feelings. I know about a mother who is having sex with her son and his friends.

Don't feel guilty at all. It will weaken you. If you don't want to continue, Ok. But if you are going to enjoy the fun, make sure that no one comes to know about this.
answered Jun 1 by sumitran9 (1,645 points)
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Enjoy the life me moments
answered Jun 1 by rockstar536 (915 points)
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Hi miss normal appreciate u r question and u r enjoying a very good sex life with u r son then u carry on
answered Jun 1 by arvindmiles0606182 (110 points)
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Son seduced you and you responded. You forget that your own Sibling is not a substitute for your husband.Could he satisfy you...was his pole longer than your husband...your story is real or fantasy?  Did you resist moves of your son to molest you....both of you violated the norms of civilised society and behaved like animals.Sex should not be only agenda in mother and son's life.You should have searched some other substitute of your husband to quench your sexual urge.What you have done is not mother like act.In future never think about getting sex satisfaction from your grandson.
answered Jun 2 by Motilal (8,255 points)
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Hi Nirmala,
It's good that you started enjoying sexual encounters with your son.
I know that's the max satisfaction is achieved in a mother-son sex than any other relation. Son will get the strongest erections when he thinks of mom.
Since your son loves you a lot and you were also deprived of sex by your hubby, my suggestion is to enjoy the love shown by your son. This will keep you healthy and stress free as well.But don't let anybody else know about this.
Once done..there's no point in feeling guilty.
answered Jun 5 by Ilovemumma (170 points)

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