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What is the weirdest thing a Girl has said to you during sex?

asked May 31 in Questions by Ang (150 points)

It would be nice to hear from you all what is the weirdest thing a girl has said to you during Sex.

Has she suddenly remembered a routine task to be done the next day? Or if you are married, did your wife suddenly say something about your child. Or was it even more shocking....if she told you about her affair with a colleague?

How did you react? Were you able to continue having sex or did you lose your erection?

It would be fun to hear your experiences.

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3 Answers

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Nice question.

As far as I can remember "I LOVE YOU" are the words whispered in my ear during missionary position sex with my college GF.

And with each stroke, she whispered "I love you" very slowly. It's a sweet thing which I still remember about her.

Sorry guys no weird talk experience I have had during sex. But her "I love you" whispered with each stroke, I can't forget all my life.
answered May 31 by jabvmet (270 points)
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I have not indulged in sexual intercourse with any unmarried girl.Therefore,question of saying anything doesn't arise.I have done sex with few married women and a widow. One of them said to take her fully and tear her vagina. Another women said that My Lund was much bigger than her husband and her own brother.
answered May 31 by Motilal (7,755 points)
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Dads Calling !! Her phone rang during inter-course and those were 2 words she spoke and ran..
answered Jun 1 by aruverma (345 points)

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