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Will the penis size increase if you massage it with cocconut oil?

asked May 22 in Questions by Akash Ranjan (500 points)
edited May 22 by longhands1

I think my dick is too small. It is about 4.5 inches when it gets erected. But when it is normal it looks very small. Also it is uncircumcised, and the foreskin is not moved back. I always try to move it but it doesn't move. Whenever I masturbate I do it through the head of the penis.

It's very difficult situation when my friends notice it. They mock me and laugh at me on seeing such a small dick.  

Does coconut oil massaging on dick help to increase its size? Are there any home methods to increase size.

Can a woman get pregnant by a small dick. I am also afraid to marry in future.

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6 Answers

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Hello Akash,

Don't think that your dick is small. Dick size is usually measured when it's erected.Your dick size is 4.5 which falls within average size of penis.Average size of penis is between 3.5 and 7.5 for Indians. Those who say their dick is 8,9 inches are totally lying. Don't get influenced by dicks of porn actors as they are foreighners and do surgeries to increase their shaft. Everything shown in porn is not real.

It's ok if your penis is uncircumcised as most of Indians penis is non-circumcised. Try to move foreskin of your penis back on regular basis with the help of massage by coconut oil.

Don't feel low when your friends laugh or mock seeing your penis. Size of penis depends on genetics and it's not your fault. So be confident. It's none of their business to comment on your penis.

Size of penis can't be increased by massaging or by any tablets. All advertisements shown about enhancement of penis on internet are fake. Size of penis can only be increased by surgery which is costly,dangerous and may lead to side effects in future. So don't think much about size of penis.Your penis is well within limits of average penis size.

Female can get pregnant by any size of penis as pregnancy is achieved through semen and any size cock can produce semen. Semen should have good sperm count. You can do a medical test of your semen for sperm count and if it's normal then you don't need to worry about reproduction through your future wife. If you are not getting any pain while masturbating then there will not be any problem to have sex with a female.

I think you are thinking so much about your penis. Be tension free and enjoy life.
answered May 22 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
selected May 26 by Akash Ranjan
commented May 27 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Thanks for liking my answer.Hope your doubt is cleared.
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My Dear,

First of all, an erect penis which measures more then 3.5 inch is more than enough to have a good sex life, so stop thinking about it, infact you can also satisfy me, provide that you know the art of love making. Women feel the penis only upto 3.5 inch inside there vigina, so you have adequate lengthy to have wonderful sex life.

2) How does your friends know about your dick size? Hope you are normal n do not exhibit your manhood to them..Haha just chill n relax, as average length of Penis of Indian men is around 4. Inch..So you are well above average Indian men...

3) Can you increase your penis lengthy by massaging it with coconut oil, I doubt! Stop bothering your mind n lund too.

4) Can you pregnant a women with your so thought small lund, Yess! You could definitely do that , coz for impregnate a women you need health sperm n not bigger size lund..

Hope it answers your doubts. Stop thinking too much about the size of lund, coz performance of men depend upon his  mental status

With love,
Sexy Gudiya
answered May 22 by boldnsexy (1,065 points)
commented May 24 by Akash Ranjan (500 points)
Thanks mam. They come to know When pissing in outdoor, in room as we stay in hostel etc.
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You cannot increase the size of the penis so stop running after it and accept the size which you have as there is no other way. You can easily get any woman pregnant and make her satisfied so do not worry about it and just learn how to use your tool to make her satisfied.

The women’s satisfaction does not depend on the size of the penis as there are many other aspects you have to learn to make a woman satisfied because art of the love making matters the most so learn it.

If you think that women are after the size then all the women would have selected the artificial penis over real one but that is not the case. Do not give attention to your friends mocking at you so they will stop laughing at you but if you give them reaction to them then they will make more fun of you seeing your reaction to their comments.
answered May 23 by alpesh kapdi (26,030 points)
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there are many creams, capsules medicine and some instruments like pump are available which claim they will increase the size of penis but none of it's work.

average size is 4 inches and you already have average sized penis. then why you are bothering.

don't waste ypur money and time on those products which is marketing in this lies.

regular massaging helps to improve blood flow regulations. this may increase size but not that much. the size is defined by dna. and Gene's. so you can't do anything about it.
just enjoy the act.

and for uncircumcised penis you should visit a doctor and should take a medical help. this ia not that big issue.

keep us updated so we can help you better
answered May 23 by Harsh.03 (940 points)
commented May 23 by Akash Ranjan (500 points)
Thank dear. Its about 4.5 inch or little smaller from that when get erect.  Is it OK for sex ?
commented May 23 by Harsh.03 (940 points)
yes it's sufficient size.

and as I told in my previous comment 3.5 - 4 inch is average size.
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I am sorry to say you cannot increase the size of your penis. My husband tried many oils, creams and pills but nothing worked.

He accepted his size and I accepted my fate. But I would like to let you know that 4.5 inches isn't small. I would consider myself lucky even if I got half of 4.5". I married him knowing he has a micropenis (Google it if it's new to you).

It is true that I never had a satisfying intercourse with him but it doesn't mean I am unsatisfied. There are a lot of things to do in bed which make a couple happy.

If someone really loves you, she won't bother about your size.
answered May 23 by Subhasree (190 points)
commented May 24 by Akash Ranjan (500 points)
Have you a good married life ?
commented May 24 by Subhasree (190 points)
I don't remember mentioning anywhere that I don't have a good married life.
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Please try daily for some hours. After 90 days you may get 2 inches increase. Coconut oil is the best of all.

Nothing is impossible.
answered May 25 by Jeevansree (175 points)
edited May 26 by longhands1
commented May 26 by longhands1 (83,785 points)

Please do not give wrong Advice. No oil can increase the size of the penis. You may get a better erection due to better blood circulation, but the size of the penis cannot increase.

If you can get 2 inches after 90 days, just imagine what you will get after one year.
commented May 27 by Raj Handsome (1,430 points)
Haha...LH...Half knowledged people are everywhere...I really pity such people...He is 36 years old and still don't know basic things...

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